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Giveaway Completed: NIRMALA: The Mud Blossom

Giveaway Completed: NIRMALA: The Mud Blossom

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The Goodreads Giveaway of my book NIRMALA: The Mud Blossom has ended.
In all 914 people entered. The three lucky winners have been announced by the Goodreads Team.
They are:

Maricris Sison
Pampanga 2000 PH

Firdaus Muttaqin
Bengkulu, Indonesia/Bengkulu/Sumatera
38125 ID

Benoit Detry
Montreal, Québec,

I thank of the participants who wholeheartedly supported this giveaway.
The contest was open to Goodread readers in all the listed countries.
I especially extend a warm thank you to the Goodreads Team who conducted
the Giveaway so smoothly and also  chose the winners.

I congratulate all the winners. They can expect the book within two to three weeks.
The book is being directly despatched through Amazon USA.

With warm regards
Fiza Pathan

Copyright 2014 Fiza Pathan

Review of Globular Van der Graff’s Goblin Tales for Adults by Jack Eason

Weaves a spell on the reader


This anthology of thirty goblin tales, weaves a spell on the reader. We have all been brought up on tales of witches and warlocks, goblins and elves, fairies good and bad. This anthology is however different, showing goblins in a different light. You will be held spellbound as each story unfolds. Each of them is carefully woven, tackling a different value for us to examine  – friendship, family, loyalty, perseverance. Though all thirty are worth reading my personal favourites are: The Question, I Just Want One Night’s Sleep, The Siren’s Song and A Dangerous Affair. All the characters are well developed be it Bejuss, Make, Mous, Neo, Byz, Glob, Hermione, the siren Heliotrope and I guarantee you will definitely relate to one of them. My favourite character is Byz.

These stories can be read by young adult and above. I highly recommend this book to all.

Copyright 2014 Fiza Pathan

Review of Turning Point by Jack Eason

A breathtaking scientific novella par excellence


I have been brought up on the legend of Mu and Atlantis, the secrets of the Giza Pyramid, universes that exist and contain intelligent life, planetary travel etc. It was therefore easy to appreciate the breadth of vision of Turning Point, a fable and a science fiction novella by Jack Eason. The story is based on the legend that planet earth had been seeded by intelligent life from other planets and universes. So we have here an alien race of people known as the Drana, and a subordinate race they seeded known as the Khaz, to rule over our ancestors, and who still control our very existence by manipulating our governments (the cartel who call the shots on earth?).

We have here an explanation for ancient secrets like the electromagnetic grid which surround the earth, the reason for the pyramids, the seeding of the earth, the limited use of our minds capacity. We have here remnants of a peaceful people known as Nephile (Mu) who want to contain the Khaz and the secret designs of Drana to return to earth and form armies and slaves to conquer and colonize other planets. But they find that they are incapable of performing that task, without the supporting DNA of earthlings who have acclimatized themselves to the pollution and life on earth. This can only be accomplished by choosing earthlings who is more conducive to their needs (traces of Shambhala here).

Enter Tom, a man on a holiday in New Zealand, who does not know that he is being watched and manipulated, so that he finds the entrance to their homeland.

You will be enthralled by this story as I was, and appreciate the deeply researched book, the scientific mind of Jack and a possible explanation for the seeding of man on planet earth, and other scientific folklore.

I highly recommend Jack’s book, Turning Point. It will a turning point in your life, from the mumbo-jumbo that is today passed off as science fiction.

Copyright 2014 Fiza Pathan




Review of ‘CLASSICS’ – by The US Review of Books

Classics cover for Kindle 100713
“Through this book, I in a very humble and modest way have tried to propagate my testimony about classics and what they can do for many.”

Mumbai-born author and teacher Fiza Pathan believes fervently that reading classic books enhances imagination and improves language skills. She bases her theory on experience: At an early age, she read Bram Stoker’s Dracula, inciting in her a love of good grammar and grand ideas. In her teaching, she observes that children who frequently surf the Internet or watch TV (even educational channels) tend merely to ingest ideas without generating their own. Once they begin reading the classics, their language and imaginative skills change noticeably for the better. Read more


#Poetry ‘I Can Do It’ by Fiza Pathan

I Can Do It

Korita, Istra 087

You placed an obstacle infront of me by saying you hated me,

Well good news is you can keep your views for all to see.

For I’m not going to care about what people say,

I’m going to do my job creatively & I’m going to do it my way.

I can conquer my fears & your malice for me,

I will experiment patiently about what else I can be.

I’m not your slave or your rag doll for you to throw in the muck,

I’m a teacher & a writer which makes clay models out of guck.

I teach India’s tomorrow as well as India’s today,

I use the tools that I have to teach any topic that comes my way.

I know this journey is going to be tough because you are not there,

But I can do it all the same & I can do it anywhere.

You called me a loser to my face because I was good to you,

I’m not going to let your words of envy ever come true.

I will pen down my story to conquer the world in which I live,

I will learn to love again & much more I will learn to give.

I was on the verge of breaking up when you said goodbye,

I kept on asking myself how did it happen I kept on asking why?

But now it is over I want to move on with my chalk & pen,

I know that I’m going to make it big someday & it don’t matter when.

If I can achieve my goals then will come back again?

Maybe yes or no but this is final I have nothing left to bargain.

You are a chapter in my life that has passed it’s time,

To think of you when my students need me is worse than a crime.

I know I can do it & I know I will find true love,

With a chalk & a pen I will soar like a dove.

For you are gone now another chapter begins today,

I know at the end we will meet when my goals are fulfilled & I am waiting for that someday.

Copyright 2014 Fiza Pathan

Image courtesy: morgueFile

#Poetry ‘Dream & Vision’ by Fiza Pathan

Dream & Vision

kalnik 037

There is a star within all of us that wants to shine out its light,

There is a dream within my soul that wants to shimmer bright.

My dream is to be with the victors of every battle within sight,

I want to set my goal to the moon that glimmers in the night.

I have a vision which keeps me awake when I should sleep,

I have a vision to change my world that cries & weeps.

My dream is my highest goal now & the roaring thunder,

If you see me dancing in the rain it will make you wonder.

It will make you wonder why I’m so zestful so full of life,

It is because I have a dream & a vision that eliminates all strife.

So I play my piano to get a tune to this feeling I want to feel,

My dream is slowly coming true that it makes me squeal.

It is my vision that keeps me alive when I should have been dead,

And this vision begins so simple it just began with a book that I read.

Then after reading I read some more & learnt to want more,

I then got up & started teaching others about the books that lure.

And now there are so many people with me, who want to read,

To think that this vision was not really small it began to spread.

Now I’m dreaming my vision every day & every night,

My spirit is flying high in the sky like a large beautiful kite.

I get a high when I float towards my vision so gently,

For it is true that I will get what I want if I do it patiently.

My dream is my vision like a bonfire that spreads joy & warmth,

Everybody is encouraging me & people arrive like a swarm.

To help me make my dream come true with a pen & chalk –

This is a dream that will come true very soon & then you’ll see all that I want to be.

Copyright 2014 Fiza Pathan

Image courtesy: morgueFile

#Poetry ‘Happy Days with You’ by Fiza Pathan

Happy Days with You


Those were the good old happy days a long time pass,

Our friends then were all with us singing like a choir in a mass.

You & I were stars of the scene & all our friends too knew,

That one day you would love me & that I would stay true.

Those were my happy days with you when we were young,

You were my idol on which my garland of joy was strung.

Never more to be now our friends have gone astray,

I thought you’d stay but I was wrong for you too went away.

And my happy days with you were lost in the mist,

You loved another fairer than me & that was the gist.

My happy days with you are my treasures which I will keep,

I now lock the doors on the world so beautiful only to weep.

The past has not gone it lives on in signs & symbols,

I pass couples arm in arm while I shall forever remain single.

Sing another song for the lover whose love went so wrong,

Sing another verse for the lover whose heart has long gone.

Paradise on Earth were those happy days to me,

They kept me in your arms & the flowers then smelt so sweet.

Now someone else claims their happy days with you,

Whoever she is I bless her & wish her a love most true.

For you were my happy days in rain & snow,

I somehow couldn’t get over the day you finally had to go.

Some friends of our youth are near but they have forgotten,

Not me for I remember all the ways that we have trodden.

I thank the Lord for the many happy days I had with you,

To me however those happy days O they seemed so few.

Won’t you ever come back & sing another song again?

Won’t you ever return & love me once again?

My time is coming close it is ending so come back soon,

Let us friends begin all over again what once began in June.

A love story like many other which spoke of me & you,

Happy days I will cherish before I die – happy days of my youth!

Copyright 2014 Fiza Pathan

Image courtesy: morgueFile

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