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My Hijra Friend will Live by Fiza Pathan

My Hijra Friend Will Live



Today was a regular day overall, except for that one phone call on my landline that made me ecstatic. The friend who I thought was going to die from a gruesome battle with blood cancer (ALL) today after my tuitions called me on my landline from the hospital…he said that the doctors told him that he had got his second chance…he is going to live!

Danny Roe just a few weeks ago came out proclaiming to the world that he identified himself to be a Hijra or a transsexual. This was done during a time when we both thought he was not going to live…that we would lose each other because of the cancer in his blood that was killing him. Danny had always wanted to be a guest writer on my blog and he always wanted to create a blog of his own dedicated to the Hijra or transsexual community of India…he is going to get his chance to fulfil his dreams right after his doctors feel that he is better to sit up in bed and meet his friends.

Danny Roe is an unusual Hijra. He does not flaunt his feminine side in public and dresses like a regular college going male…and he looks really very handsome doing it. He reads books like we drink water and plays the guitar…he is my rock star! Danny is disgusted with the way Hijras are treated in society but at times he thinks that in a way, it’s his community’s fault too for them being treated the way they are being treated by people in our country. Danny feels that if the community had stood up united for their rights maybe today he wouldn’t have to be ashamed of being what he really was. Danny feels that maybe if the Hijras of India were mobilized under a strong leader like the Dalits were mobilized as a strong force under the guidance and leadership of the great Dr B. R. Ambedkar maybe today Hijras would at least be treated with some dignity. I don’t agree with many aspects about Danny’s stand, but I respect his opinion.

When I saw Danny last month on the hospital bed, weak and pale at that moment, I thought this was the last I was going to see of my Hijra friend…but he came back with a bang, this is his true spirit…his fighting spirit…his Hijra spirit as he calls it.

Danny informed me that his mother was currently reading to him John Green’s book ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ and he was in love with the book. He wants to see the movie but the doctor does not think it is such a good idea just yet to let him roam around outdoors. So we are waiting for the DVD to come out after which we will watch the movie on my laptop in his private room in the cancer hospital. Danny joked with me on the phone saying that he represented two different social issues faced by society in the 21st century: Cancer and Transsexuality. He feels it is pretty cool to be a problem but then I retort saying that I being a girl had more social issues stuck to my back than he had: rape, girl child trafficking, molestation, eve teasing, bride burning, dowry deaths(and debts), female foeticide, female infanticide…the works. Danny had to admit defeat and he called me a sadist.

However, today Danny told me that his doctor had given him a second chance; he is going to live…not long…but he will live and that is more important to me. My Hijra friend is going to live…Danny Roe is going to live and as a living mortal, he just wants to live in peace with his close family members and friends. He does not want to make a big show out of his survival and neither does he want to make a show of the fact that he is a Hijra cancer survivor…that’s my Danny, does not like to make a fuss about anything. However, that does not stop me from spreading his message to my readers, a message of hope, courage and determination.

My Hijra friend will live…Danny Roe will live, but for how long? Will he live long enough to secure his family’s future? Will he live long enough to see the Black Sheep documentary about Hijras? Will he live long enough to come to my next book launch? Will he live long enough to see that he has got friends who love him for who he is and not what he represents in the eyes of society?…and finally, will he live long enough to say at the end of it that ‘yes──I lived’…these are the questions left to be answered, but who cares about anything…the friend who I thought dead is going to live, and that is more important than anything else right now.

Copyright 2014 Fiza Pathan

A Teenager’s Report Card of India by Atal Narayan

A Teenager’s Report Card of India

crime stats

Early Monday morning, around 7 am, bright sunlight hits your eyes and you somehow pull yourself together. Groaning and stretching you somehow get yourself physically ready for the day and mentally ready for the rest of the hectic week.

The entire house’s a mess. You are still trying to recover from the weekend jig. In between the morning rush, your eyes fall on the day’s paper. In big bold letter, you read the headlines,
“A skating instructor held in the rape of a six-year-old child.”

This line, literally, got me brooding for many hours. This ancient land known for its culture and heritage, its respect for women and girls has produced such demons. Biggest irony isn’t it? India is called the Mother Land.

Every single day 365 days of the year, something or the other does pops up in the paper──Crimes, Thefts, Rapes, and Murders. Sorry for interrupting your read but if you noticed all the above words are plural.

Face it. It’s a big country with a population close to 1.5 billion. About 6371 such crimes are reported in this country every day (2011 figures) ──yeah, 6371. About 3 times this number may be going unreported because they are threatened or are hidden. And those which you get to read in The Times of India, are the ones which reach the eyes and ears of the media.
TOTAL COGNIZABLE CRIMES UNDER IPC BETWEEN 2006-2010 WAS 2061504 AND IN A SINGLE YEAR 2011 IT JUMPED TO 2325575 Shocking isn’t it and this is the 2011 figure, what about 2014?
Source: National Crime Records Bureau

What is going on in the country! An absolute ridiculous jurisdiction has resulted in our country being backward in almost every field. We had an unqualified government, which resulted in the country going down the drains.

But this is it. Enough Is Enough. We cannot let this go on the way it has been going on for the past few decades!

In 1947, we were promised a democracy which would make the country reach the top of the food chain. 67 years down the line? We are still on square one.

Politicians were human representatives who were chosen to lead the country to new heights. Well that seems like a joke now doesn’t it?

Feel bad? Do you feel as if you have a rusty knife in your gut? That’s exactly how I feel.

Not too old. Actually not even old enough to vote. But I doubt there is an age limit to raise your voice against the weak hold of the jurisdiction of the country.

Today’s youth has the ability to change anything. We are not afraid of taking risks in life.Given the title as “casual chaps” “cool heads” and “chilled out”, we showed the government that if things start going out of hand we have the power to change. (And, boy, didn’t we prove it that too with a clean sweep!)

So we proved the adults’ wrong who criticized us and always called us immature. This is it my friends.

India will arise, again.

It will be the Golden land, again.


An Interview with Dina Roberts Author of The Dead Are Online by Fiza Pathan

An Interview with Author Dina Roberts:

Top post on, the community of Indian Bloggers


Ms. Dina Roberts, here are the questions for the interview. You can answer a select number of them or you can answer all of them, as long as you are comfortable. Here we go:

What was it that made you want to become an author?

When I was in seventh-grade I had a dream…maybe a nightmare? It was something about a haunted house. I decided to turn it into a story. Then I took it to school and let some of my friends read it. They liked it! I wrote some more. I got a lot of attention for my writing and I think I’ve always been hungry for attention.

I also had a strong need for fantasy and fiction. I loved make-believe play and gave it up at an older age than most of my peers. I think I was a little embarrassed about that and writing gave me a new “more appropriate” outlet.

How did you come upon the plot for your novel ‘The Dead Are Online’?


It actually had no plot for awhile. I just had a premise and characters. I had no idea what to do with them. Then I was talking to my son about the title, and told him I was thinking of calling it “Our Side”….referring to the living people who are not on the other side yet. He thought I said Arcide…some kind of fancy word. Or maybe he thought it was a made-up word? I thought the misunderstanding was funny and wanted to work it into the book in some way. He was also pushing me to come up with some type of antagonist, so ideas started forming in my head.

Then dreams played a big part! I had an anxiety dream about being late to my niece’s Bat Mitzvah. My sister was very mad…yelling at me. Then for some random reason, her nose was bleeding. I ended up using a very similar scene in my book, and I started getting the idea that the Arcide would cause physical symptoms.

What are the social networking sites you have mentioned in your book?

I think it’s mostly Twitter. Does FaceTime and Skype count as social networking? I think my characters mostly text and video chat. I sort of regret not mentioning more sites. Maybe if I write a sequel, I’ll talk about things like Instagram, GoodReads and Pinterest.

What are the social networking sites that you use?

Instagram, Flickr, QuizUp, Goodreads, Twitter, and YouTube.What are your views on the theme ‘life after death’?

I want to believe in it, and I try to. It makes me happier and more relaxed. For me, it makes death less frightening and life more meaningful.

What are your views on the topic of reincarnation which you have mentioned in you book?

It’s what I believe. Or what I’d like to believe. Sometimes I stumble on certain questions…like how we have so many new souls. Where do they come from? Population is increasing. Maybe that just means more souls have a chance at life? Maybe there’s a bunch of souls out there on a waiting list. And now that there’s more potential living bodies, there’s less of a waiting list. Also, there’s the animal question. Do non-human animals have souls? Are they reincarnated? And where do you draw the line? Do gnats get reincarnated? How about bacteria?

Philip Jenson was a character in your book who literally made all around him feel inferior. Which character in your book according to you suffered from a serious inferiority complex because of Philip Jenson?

I think all of Philip’s family in different ways. I might create a new term for him──Bullying-through-generosity. It sounds a bit nutty, but I think it happens. He gives in a way that makes people feel inferior and trapped. We can give to people with the attitude “I give you this gift because I think you’re wonderful.” Philip gives to people with the attitude, “I give you this gift because I am wonderful.” Now I think we all do the latter to a point. We feel good about ourselves when we give to others. That’s fine. But if we start to look down at people we’re giving to, then it’s not so great anymore.

Do you identify yourself with any of the characters in your book?

Yes! A lot of them. I gave a little bit of myself to a lot of the main characters.

  • Taylor’s eating and exercise issues.
  • Jessica feeling abandoned by friends, and her relationship to Frankie.
  • Eugene’s anger about Anna not reading his writing.
  • Jennifer’s confusion about her singing talent.
  • Zoe’s rich dream life and her wondering if something magical is happening to her or whether it’s all in her head.
  • Arthur’s insecurity about financial dependence.
  • Christina and Loretta worrying that they’re bad mothers.

And I even reached deep inside to find my own inner Philip. I don’t have much money, so I can’t be generous in that way. But I sometimes go through phases where I become very generous with listening. I let the conversation be all about the other person. It sounds nice, but behind the niceness is anger, lack of trust, an unhealthy need of control, and a sense of superiority.

When I get in this phase, I look down at people who show little interest in my life. I call them self-centred. Yet I feel nervous and uncomfortable around people who are good listeners. Why? Because then I can’t feel superior around them.

It’s all a bit messed up. They say it’s better to give than to receive. But if you’re not doing any receiving, you’re not giving other people the chance to give. So you’re really depriving them.

In which genre would you place your book ‘The Dead Are Online’ in a regular book store?

I have no idea! I’d actually probably want it to go in the regular fiction section. I don’t think it’s a typical paranormal book.

Which was the toughest part in the book for you to write?

I think the scenes between Eugene and Anna were emotionally draining.

Describe the format of the book or the unique presentation of your book.

The book has eight point of view characters and somehow they connect to another character. It’s kind of like a chain of connections.

Where did you get the idea for the unique presentation of your book?

I think I’ve liked the idea for awhile…before I came up with The Dead Are Online. I thought it would be neat to write a book about online life. Have one character with a blog, then in the next chapter tell the story of someone who comments on her blog, and in the next chapter have the story of one of the blog commenter’s online friends. I’m not sure if I’m saying this in a coherent way. Sorry! I guess what I’m trying to say is I like how we all kind of connect to each other in a chain. I have a friend Tracey and then she has her friends I don’t know and they have their friends she might not know…and it keeps going.

Do you like books with many characters or books with only a few main characters in them?

I like both. The only problem with multiple characters is it can get confusing. Who is who? I feel bad that I’m going to confuse people because I’ve been in the same boat.

Who is the author who has inspired you the most?

I don’t think there’s one particular author. It’s definitely not my favourite (J.K. Rowling). When I read her work, I want to quit the whole business because there’s no way I can measure up to that. Maybe I’m more inspired by writers who write at my level and have a similar style. Then I think well, they’re doing great and I sort of write like that, so maybe I can do okay in the business as well.

Who is the author whose writing style inspired you to write your book ‘The Dead Are Online’ or is it something unique which you yourself came up with?

I think some other multiple character books inspired me. Stephen King’s The Stand was in my mind at times, as well as Ken Follett’s Century series.

Arthur & Bernard is a gay couple mentioned in your book. What are your views about homosexuality?

(I’m very much against it, but the liberal media and gay mafia said if I don’t include a few gay characters, they’d burn down my house. No, I’m joking.) Of course in a dark way someone did kind of hint that this is the reason why I have a gay character in my book. It didn’t make me too happy because I have various views that might be controversial. I can probably write a whole book. I’ll list a few:

1. I think homophobia might have had some benefits in the past when people were trying to populate the Earth. Now that we’re overpopulated, I would think the more gay people the better…especially if they want to make their family via adoption.

2. I don’t like the idea of dividing people between gay and straight. I think it’s more of a continuum. Let’s say there’s a scale of 1-5. 1 is very homosexual. You’re never attracted to people of the opposite sex. 5 would be people who are extremely heterosexual. Then I think a lot of people are in-between. You might like both genders equally. Or you might prefer one over the other, but you have the ability to romantically fall in love with the gender that’s not your preference.

3. I don’t like the whole “Born this way.” A lot of people are born in ways that are not ideal and we try to cure them. Just because you’re born a certain way doesn’t mean you should stay that way. Also I think some people CAN choose to be gay or not, because they are not 1′s and 5′s (as mentioned above).

I don’t think it matters why you’re gay…if it’s genetic or something you chose. Why is it a problem? If people love each other and have a wonderful relationship, I think that’s a great thing. I don’t think they need to justify it or explain it.

The characters Eugene & Anna are a couple who think about divorce even before getting married while the gay couple are happy together. Did you pen this down in your book on purpose to give a message to your readers?

No! I didn’t even think of it until reading this interview. But maybe subconsciously…..

How would you react if you had a person like the character Philip Jenson in your life?

I’d start going on a very strict diet like Taylor. And like Arthur, I’d write angry emails.

How would you react if suddenly you would be seeing ‘the dead online’?

I would probably think, “Holy crap. My book has come true!” It wouldn’t be the first time my life sort of imitated my own fiction. And for the most part, I’d be excited. It would be nice knowing there’s life after death. It might be fun talking to the people I used to know, although maybe a bit overwhelming. I have a hard enough time keeping up with all the living people in in my life. (That’s not saying I’m super popular…more that I’m not the most social person).

Many people don’t believe there is life after death. What is your stand on this?

I hope they’re wrong! I think when their disbelief in the afterlife is very strong that maybe they find comfort in the idea of death being the end. I’m talking about the people who are very zealous in their belief, the one who work hard on trying to disprove the afterlife. It’s not enough for them to not believe. They feel the need for others to not believe as well. Would it be likely for someone to LIKE the idea of an afterlife, but then work so hard to prove it doesn’t exist?

I think maybe some of them have been tortured with the whole hell and heaven story. It’s probably better to believe death is the end than to believe you’re going to burn in hell for not going to church enough.

For other people…the ones who are less dogmatic, they might want to believe, but it all just seems too far-fetched. I get those feelings at certain times in my life, so it’s not hard for me to be understanding of people who have them often.

Which was the most hurtful remark made by a reader or critique about your book?

I haven’t had anything yet. I mean no one has said anything really harsh. But I haven’t had many readers yet and some reviews have been mediocre, so that’s a bit disappointing. But those who didn’t love/like the book have been very nice about it. I appreciate that.

Which was the best remark made about your book?

There’s no best remark, but probably the best response is this interview! You really write amazing questions. And answering them is making me feel like a superstar. I’m feeling so important right now. It’s a nice feeling; though I can see how it could totally get out of hand.

Have you authored any other books or are you working on another book currently?

Yes…many, but most are in a bin in the closet or lost on a computer somewhere. I’m re-editing a novel about a girl with Neurofibromatosis. I hope to finish that by September or October. I’m sometimes tempted to resurrect some of my old work, but it’s probably best to move forward.

Do you delve into the study of the supernatural?

Not currently, but I have in the past.

Which is the best social medium according to you to market your book?

I’m not doing very well with any of them. I think people get tired of seeing other people self-promoting themselves. Then there are people who promote other people, but rather blindly. They Tweet and Retweet and post…about a huge amount of content. But they don’t even read the content they’re promoting. It’s the attitude of quantity over quality.

I like what you do…actually read books, review them, and do interviews.

I think that’s more helpful.

Kayla is a medium in your novel. Do you believe in mediums who can communicate with the dead?

Well, I love the question either way. I guess I’ll say yes to both. I believe in mediums who can communicate with the dead and I also believe in those who can’t communicate with the dead. With the latter, I’d divide it up into scam artists, and those who mistakenly believe they’re communicating with the dead.

Will your book be able to attract an Indian audience?

I hope! I’m not sure if there’s any generalization about Indian folks that would make the book repulsive or attractive to them.  I’m tempted to think Indians are more open to the idea of an afterlife…especially reincarnation, though I don’t know the statistics between belief there and belief in my country…or other countries.

Why do you like Australia so much?

I like to believe it’s just meant to be…my relationship to Australia. I tend to believe I have some kind of spiritual connection.

What is your dream destination for a perfect holiday?


What is the religious view that you profess?

I’m Jewish, but don’t really follow that religion. I don’t really have a religion. I’ve taken tests before and come up with Neo-Paganism. But I don’t call myself that.

What is your favourite colour & what does it mean to you?

I like a variety of colours. It depends on my mood…and it’s something that changes over time.

Describe yourself in one line.


Describe your book ‘The Dead Are Online’ in one sentence.

The Dead Are Online is about what happens when people know for sure there is an afterlife.

Which is your favourite quote or saying?

I don’t have one particular favourite. But one that I do love is from Harry Potter.

“It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.”

To whom would you recommend this book?

People who like character centred stories, but also ones who enjoy (or at least don’t mind) the supernatural. I think maybe fans of the TV show Lost would like it. That show had supernatural elements, but I think the most important part was the human stories…the relationships, the turmoil.

 Where do you see your writing career five years from now?

It depends on whether or not I’m having a fantasy or not. If I’m having a fantasy, I’m very wealthy. The Dead Are Online is a TV show with very cool opening credits and an awesome soundtrack. When I’m not in la-la land, I picture myself getting excited for selling one book after not selling any for weeks. Actually, I don’t know if I’ll be excited. I might be a bit depressed or at least frustrated. It would be a bitter sweet accomplishment.

Thank you so much for this interview. I had so much fun with it. You ask brilliant thought-provoking questions.

Thank you Dina for agreeing to this interview . I appreciate that you took a lot of pains to answer my questions. I am placing the link to your Amazon page here below and I encourage all my readers to download the sample and buy your book.

Copyright 2014 Fiza Pathan



‘Fortune Favours The Bold’ by Aditi Kabra

Fortune Favours The Bold

By Aditi Kabra


It was getting hot. Even for Hydrogen atoms H1 and H2, being on the star’s surface could be trying. At 6000K H1 and H2 did not like their super-heated life at all, and wished to cool down and unwind.

One day, while making one of their daily rounds of the star’s gaseous outer layer, H1 and H2 discovered a current on the star’s surface that would lead to the inner, hitherto unexplored regions of the star. H1 and H2 could ride on the current, and boldly go to the lands inside the star in hope of better conditions. However, timid H2 was afraid. What if the inside was even worse than the outside?  Bold and adventurous H1, on the other hand, decided to take a leap of faith. H1 took the solar current and went into the nether layers of the star, while H2 remained on the surface of the star, sighing and contemplating over whether it had made the right choice.

Inside the star, it became progressively hotter. H1 kept being drawn further in. Finally under the intense pressure and heat, it succumbed, and combined with another hydrogen atom, to become helium, releasing a huge amount of energy through the nuclear fission that powers the sun.

Being helium was much better than H1 had imagined. You were inert, heavier than the rest, sort of aloof, above and superior. Happy to be helium, H1 boldly rose to the challenge as he was drawn further into the star’s core.

The pressure had become even more intense. The temperature was 1,45,00,000 K. Exotic new elements were being formed left right and centre. Awestruck, H1 witnessed this all, and with the joy of having reached the next level, fused to carbon.

H1 kept improving itself. It had just acquired the venerable status of iron – the magnetic heavy metal – when the star’s fuel got over; gravity could no longer be resisted. As the star died, shells of it started peeling off.

Alas! H2, who had run away from risk and chosen to stay on the surface, could never transcend the state of hydrogen, and floated off as interplanetary matter. For H1, however, courage paid stellar dividends, for at last when the star died, it did not float around in space, forgotten by the world. Rather, atoms and molecules clung to it, due to its greater weight. It became the founder of a new planet, a new world, the base of life. It became the very centre of Earth’s iron core.

Copyright 2014 Aditi Kabra

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Review of Dina Roberts ‘The Dead Are Online’ by Fiza Pathan

Review Of Dina Roberts book ‘The Dead Are Online’


The novel ‘The Dead Are Online’ is a masterpiece. The author has really given to her readers via this novel, a different way of looking at our social media sites which is innovative, unique and thought provoking. The book is easy to understand and the flow of the story is smooth. The author through her marvellous narrative skills has put forward philosophical ideas also through this very same book. Truly, Dina Roberts has challenged the way a 21st century modern novel can be written.

The work penned by Roberts is carefully formatted in the form of chapters based during a particular month where in each chapter a certain group of characters sharing an overall common bond is spoken about. This system of chapter formation reminded me of Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ where Stoker presents his chapters as diary, Dictaphone or journal entries. The language is simple and easy to understand and the flow of the chapters is smooth. Although the author has introduced many characters in her story, her style of presenting her chapters makes it easy for the reader to remember all these characters and the common link they share with one another. Reading the initial chapters will make one so engrossed in the plot of the book that it will surely turn into a page scroller (page turner) for the reader.

The characters in the story are lifelike whom we can understand and empathize with. In the novel we seem to be drawn into the individual lives of these characters in a way that has never been done before. Through the unique subdivision of chapters, we are drawn into the lonely atheist life of Dennis, the unusual life of Christina and her daughter, the successful life of Philip who dominates the lives of all those who care for him, Jennifer who suffers from an inferiority complex, Taylor who is obsessed about her weight and food intake, Zoe who wants to get away from the man her father has chosen for her to marry, Arthur who is madly in love with his gay husband, Eugene who is having trouble with his fiancé Anna etc.

The plot of the story is unique and very modern in keeping with the social media we use on a daily basis like FaceTime, Twitter, Facebook etc. Through these mediums, the author shows us a way of connecting with the dead which is fanciful but nice to read and ponder over. Through this unique novel, Roberts has manipulated time, innovation and the supernatural to make us want to devour the contents of the book at a really fast pace.

Although the story is mainly centred on characters belonging to one family, many themes crop up during the reading of this unusual book which has been indirectly tackled by the author in a very professional way. Indeed, the book is the work of a professional and Roberts through her writings gives ample evidence of this. The themes tackled in this book are:

  1. Reincarnation
  2. Life after death
  3. Heaven and Hell
  4. Evil Spirits
  5. Atheism
  6. Agnosticism etc.

The book is inviting to read and the title is apt to what is contained in the book. There is a certain amount of suspense in the book which is placed in the right place at the right time in due measures without leaving the original plot. The book deals with everyday themes which a reader can relate with.

From this work of Dina Roberts, one can take home the following key ideas:

  1. That death is not the end of love
  2. That the supernatural is a phenomenon which is interesting to research upon and
  3. That we must shower our love on our loved ones while they are alive for we may never be able to do the same after their death…well, at least not in the usual way.

Lastly, I want to thank Dina Roberts for enriching the world of literature with her book.

Copyright 2014 Fiza Pathan

Amazon link:

War and Peace by Varun Jacob

War and Peace

By Varun Jacob


War, ravaging our world, destroying the Earth,

Martyrs created, Children enslaved,

Religion, money, oil, greed,

Petty things given importance by our feeble minds.

Governments spreading their own propaganda,

Privately funding their own agenda.

Battles fought out in the open, lives taken for granted,

Some are fought silently,

The true cost of them, never to be known.

Peace, an eternal goal of human existence,

A struggle that fails many a times.

We think of peace in our own lives,

While we fund the corporate democracies,

Desecrating millions, taking us closer to oblivion.

While the nations implode,

Leaving behind the ruins of the forgotten race,

The remnants suffer, contaminated by the fatal nuclear weapons,

Weapons that kill both sides in a single blow.

Most pray for a saviour to float down from the sky,

Others have lost hope and faith,

While the children cry, orphaned by this horrendous plague,

The others enjoy the comforts and benefits reaped from the War,

Before the ballad ends, remember this my friends,

You reap what you sow,

The benefactors today will be the victims tomorrow,

Those who were so feeble and broken,

Will without doubt rise in rebellion.

Only in the arms of death, will we find sweet caress,

For that is the only salvation on this path.

Copyright 2014 Varun Jacob

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#Poetry The Bookcase by Fiza Pathan

The Bookcase

Top post on, the community of Indian Bloggers

Many books read by her

My dearest one, beloved of my soul – I love you more than any other non-living entity in the world,

Your chambers are the places where I escape from cruel reality and in your cells of wood do I smell the odour of the ancients – you mean more to me in every letter of the alphabet, because you are my bookcase, my house of treasures.

Men often change their moods and spit out venom at my touch, but you dear bookcase lend your paper bindings gently upon my palm,

You shelter me from the storms of the day and the crack of lightning at night – you show me the world that I cannot access…you show me the people who I cannot love.

But dearest old bookcase, I love you and will enchant your senses of sawdust by adding more treasures of papyrus to your collections,

I hug you when sorrow over powers me and when in deep thought, I plunge my hand into you…not to pick a book dear bookcase but lo and behold, I pick your very heart!
Silver fish are your enemies and white ants your predator,

So I drive them out from your bosom with malice upon my face, how dare they touch your smooth dead bark skin…my love…my enchantment…I will never leave you naked to these gnats.

I’ve indulged you dear bookcase to many a splendid polish in wax and in return, you have pleased me well with your bountiful gifts in paperback and hardcover,

Dickens and Thackeray, Milton and Shelley, Wordsworth and Frost, Joyce and Collins, Shakespeare and Wilde, Conan Doyle and Christie, Verne and Wells, Moore and Aquinas, Augustine and Homer, Hemingway and Bradbury, Twain and Carroll, Dahl and Walliams, Salinger and Rand, Huxley and Fitzgerald, Stevenson and Stoker…..they are all here encased within your pure teak bosom, my jewel, my love!

You tease me with the ruffle of paper and your charms outsmart the book lover in me,

I want no other man but you dearest bookcase, make me your bride and spread the scandal of our elopement to the bookstores – so that we may fill our hours in marital ecstasy, by brooding over books which then I shall purchase to cover your nudity.

Dearest bookcase don’t say you surfeit of my excesses for indeed I do but only give this foolish world a sample of this love that is shared between you and me,

Let me tickle you dear bookcase under your stern chin and while doing so, pick a bookmark that I have left in one of the Bronte sisters’ breasts…how naughty and careless of me!

I’m not a pervert nor a nutcase but for you dear bookcase, I can be both and much more,

What man cannot do for a woman you do to me dearest bookcase, the keeper of the wisdom sent to us mortals by the gods of literature and history.

I pray now…don’t allow me to be away from you, for I am but your human slave and you my rhapsody in wood,

Literature and Language, History and Geography, Biology and Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics, Logic and Sociology, Philosophy and Psychology, Economics and E.V.S, Art and Hobbies, Music and Comics…what more can I say… I love you dear bookcase and your shelves strewn with the knowledge of the cosmos.

One last word to you in the night of symphonies I say aloud – kiss me dear bookcase with the parted pages of sweet breath,

Let me then pick up yet another book from your shelf so tenderly took and peel away my days in the wonderland of our little small galaxy.

Copyright 2014 Fiza Pathan

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