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Grim Realities Face Women in India Today: New Book Sensation


From the author of A Book of Kells- Growing up in an ego void, an appreciation of my latest novella, Amina: The Silent One. :)

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  • 51NicbHFmWL._SX320_BO1,204,203,200_If you are not yet a fan of the young, award-winning writer, Fiza Pathan, her new novella Amina is a good place to start. I found it a compelling read.

Here is the description from the Amazon page of the Kindle edition, priced at only $2.99:

  • Amina: The Silent One brings vividly to life the grim realities facing women in India today, the grinding, filthy poverty, and debasement with which most Indian women must contend in their daily lives. This book will shock you and rip your eyes open. Through the magic of fiction, it tells an awful truth in human terms that cannot be told in any other way.
  • “The degradation of women in India is nearly universal, and ranges from their second-class status in society, often excluding them from educational and professional opportunities, to their frequent physical and psychological brutalization, often involving assault, rape, and sexual slavery.

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2015 #HolidayBookFestival S.O.S. Animals And Other Stories receives Honourable Mention

SOS Animals And Other Stories (1)

S.O.S. Animals And Other Stories receives Honourable Mention at the 2015 Holiday Book Festival. This was my first published book. #Thankful.

The Secret of Professional Author-Publishing | Savvy Book Writers

. . Want to be Seen as a Serious Self-Publishing Author? Don’t go further than to the next library or bookstore and check out trade-published books!

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Poetess of All Lovers Scorned Speaks Out


Thank you for this beautiful review.

Originally posted on cozybookbasics:

“Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned,” from Act 3, Scene 2, The Mourning Bride (1697) by English playwright and poet William Congreve


Fiza Pathan, author of The Flame Always Burns Fiza Pathan, author of The Flame Always Burns

Using vivid imagery, raw emotion and superb writing, Fiza Pathan’s forty-four poems selected in The Flame Will Always Burn take us inside the heart of a young woman who is totally, irrevocably traumatized by a first experience of love transformed into utter disaster. It is not a pleasant sight, not easy to stomach, but needed to be written not only as a soul’s cry for help but also as heroic self-help and a desire to help others.
Some of the titles like “Love Comes with a Knife”, “Your Reeking Flesh” and “They Found Me in a Pool of Blood” have vicious content but here are some gentler samples:

In the…

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#Cover Reveal: ‘The Flame Will Always Burn – Selected Poems’ by Fiza Pathan

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Award-Winning Author Fiza Pathan | Savvy Book Writers

. Multi-book author Fiza Pathan’s next title is in the editing process right now …… and according to first readers even better than NIRMALA: The Mud

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#Book Review #ReadersFavorite Classics: Why We Should Encourage Children to Read Them does what it sets out to do

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Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

Classics: Why We Should Encourage Children to Read Them is a non-fiction educational work written by Fiza Pathan. Pathan is an educator and author who attributes much of her career success to a broad base of classics reading, both as a child and an adult. She discusses the books that made the biggest impact on her personally and includes suggested reading lists for boys and girls. She argues that classics exercise the imagination and build a firm base for learning and living. Pathan bases much of her work as a teacher of English on the classics, but she shows how reading the classics can impact a child’s performance in other academic disciplines. She shares with the reader her strategies for getting kids interested in classics, which include reading selected chapters aloud to her class, playing movies based on classic works, and having her students perform dramatic vignettes from their favorite stories. Read the complete review at


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