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‘Second Thoughts’ Guest Post by Reshel Shah Kapoor

Second thoughts
Guest Post by Reshel Shah Kapoor

It’s so difficult to go backwards and put it into words. As I sit here listening to my jukebox of music I am trying to rattle my brain on what I did next. So much has happened in the last eight months to put it into words, this was more difficult than I would have imagined!

After I had come to a realization that I wanted to see the lives of hijras through their eyes, not as hijras but as people, I needed to think how I could do this. A filmmaker once said if you are going to make a documentary – what is different about yours compared to the rest that had been done on the same subject?

Months had passed; I had read more and watched way too many films to try and see what else I could capture and what could be the pinnacle point in my film. I would sit with friends enjoying cocktails, speaking to my family, being at work trying to ignore the subject maybe because it was done so many times maybe there was nothing I could do. After a few weeks I realized I had to make a document of my thoughts on celluloid; it was too much on my mind.

So I gathered a crew first, made sure I had people on board who I could trust and wanted to do this for the passion more than the pennies. I knew who I wanted to work with; being a teacher I have seen my students grow into professionals and was waiting for the day for me to work with them. That time was ahead. Happily they came on board and the excitement just grew (more on my crew will be in next week’s blog)

I remember sitting down one day in my office, it was late, well if you call 9pm late then it was late! I sat with a blank paper and my pencil. Tapping the pencil on the paper my canvas remained empty for a couple of hours, I just kept blowing bubbles. Then I started writing, one word after the other, whatever would come out. Soon I realized the words I had put down (women, love, pain, friendship, family, destiny, how, when) and I had it. I was going to do a documentary of a young man’s transformation into becoming a hijra. I was so excited I had it; I knew what I was going to do and wanted to tell everyone and shout it out…how wrong I was.

Copyright 2014 Reshel Shah Kapoor


Twitter handle: @ReshShah @blacksheepfilm

#Poetry ‘The Rain Came Down’ by Fiza Pathan

The Rain Came Down

Top post on, the community of Indian Bloggers


I was stuck in the rain,

It proved to be quite a pain;

The cab broke down in the middle of a busy road,

I was drenched & to be frank I resembled a wet toad.

The rain came pouring down,

Swimming in the open gutters I thought I would drown;

Then my pink umbrella turned inside out in the wind,

I had no use then for it so I stuck it in the wet bin.

All my books got wet in the shower,

It made me mad & it made me sour;

Then came the corn seller all dirty & mucky,

He gave me a yellow corn to eat so that I wouldn’t be sulky.

The rain was incorrigible it just wouldn’t stop,

It was a wrong day for me to venture out to shop;

The beggars were shivering in the cold wet downpour,

I was humbled in the rain seeing the plight of the poor.

I slipped in the rain on some clammy green moss,

It was pitiful I must say as I really went for a toss;

I sprained an ankle that gave me the slip,

In pain I yelled but the echo came back drip – drip – drip.

What a miserable stormy day with no respite,

All the same I got home in a muddy rickshaw despite;

I resembled a wet crow as I wobbled into my lane,

The rain was still coming down heavily & it was quite a bane.

My mother thought I would catch a cold,

She could not believe what I had her just told;

Down came the rain water galore,

The cab was in need of two oars tally ho!

The high tide was at its highest,

And sure the sun was not at its best brightest;

But the rain came down all the same,

When I came home the blessed rain stopped & that was a shame!

Copyright 2014 Fiza Pathan

Image courtesy: morgueFile

The Proof is in the Proofreading

Originally posted on J W Manus:

quinnproofMy biggest gripe with ebooks is a lack of proofreading. (Trad pubs are the worst offenders–isn’t anybody at least giving the ebooks a quick scan before putting them up for sale? Judging by the multiple dumb errors and piss-poor formatting, I’d say the answer is no.)

When I produce an ebook I have two hard and fast rules, Number One: squeaky clean text going into production. Number Two: the ebook must be proofread post-production. I charge people to proofread their ebooks for them, and a lot of clients take me up on it, but I’m more than happy for the writer to do it him/herself or hire a third party. I even make it easy for them by providing a markup document and instructions (since they can’t make changes in the ebook itself).

Even though proofreading is essential, some would like to argue that they can skip it. They’ve already…

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#Poetry ‘From My Heart’ by Fiza Pathan

Originally posted on insaneowl:

From my heart


Something tells that you are not going to come back,

Yet I can’t stop your memory from hurting while I’m losing track.

I am whiling away my days not understanding the truth,

My memories of you & me together are bearing no fruit.

Therefore now I want to start it all again,

But to tell you the truth I don’t know from where to begin.

You were the apple of my eye & the prince of my life,

But we were separated that day to stop our parents in strife.

But now I’m pining for you while you are not returning to me,

So let me scatter your love letters & let it go with the breeze.

But what about this aching heart of mine that yearns for you?

But what about this bleeding heart of mine that loves so true?

So before I tear your letters…

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Byron’s House Party – from A COUNTRY HOUSE COMPANION


Loved this post. Enjoy it. :)

Originally posted on Margaret Langstaff:

lord byron

The most flamboyant and notorious of the major Romantics, George Gordon, Lord Byron, was likewise the most fashionable poet of the day.“–THE POETRY FOUNDATION


I lost a whole day rediscovering with delight a wonderful, funny and revealing book on the British aristocracy.  Downton Abbey pales next to this amazing expose’ of the high times at the grand country estates in England, a tradition for over five hundred years.

Why?  I am in the throes of trying to slim down my “library,”I have books coming out my ears, falling out my windows and sometimes find one of my dogs running off with one in his mouth he’s discovered under my bed, in the creases of the sofa or behind the dryer in the laundry room (my dogs are not readers, but they love pictures and my scent soaked through the pages and bindings, and they will sometimes…

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As Writers, We Demand To Know!


Food for thought.

Originally posted on Have We Had Help?:


In fellow writer Derek Haines’ recent post Who Are Your Readers, he raises some pertinent points regarding demographics when it comes to the literary world. Without exception, all publishers be they traditional or self do not pass on the information to we writers. Why? Because they keep it to themselves, guarding it jealously to sell books. We’ve all seen examples of how they use it. Think about those annoying emails from Amazon et al. You know the ones I mean. They begin with “Since you showed interest in etc, etc”.

Well, as the writers of those self same books, we also need access to that knowledge!

Just think about it. Wouldn’t you like to know which gender your books appeal to? Which genre is selling? Which is not? As Derek says, you can’t draw any real conclusion from reviews these days, since their value was cheapened by the likes…

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Indie Author Coat of Arms!


A colourful reminder of our Independence.

Originally posted on Christine Plouvier, Novelist:

Slide6Celebrate Indie Authorship with this colorful reminder of our Independence! If we’re not having fun writing, we’re not doing it right!

Click on the image to print this poster, to go with your copies of Desiderwriter and the Authors’ Anthem. All handouts will be available on the Downloads page, too (see main menu, above).

Please advise if any of the PDFs don’t load or print correctly. I’ve used a large number of decorative fonts in my downloadable documents. If ugly, sans-serif fonts are substituted, it means the decorative fonts didn’t embed properly. Thanks!

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