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January 17, 2013

A girl from Sweden stole an empty commuter train from a depot on Tuesday and drove it to a suburb of Stockholm where it derailed and slammed into an apartment building. TALK ABOUT WOMAN POWER NOW PEOPLE !!!! When I conveyed this piece of news to Younger Aunt, she said that she is now convinced that she at age 60 can definitely ‘pinch’ our neighbours bike to ride around town & punch all the women oglers of Bandstand on the face & getting away real quick. Seriously, some of these guys stare at women as if to say they have never seen a damn female in their life. Younger Uncle however has another opinion. He feels that it is easier to drive a train than any other vehicle in the world………..he could be right you know, he almost derailed a train once for not coming in time for him to get on & reach in time for a movie (ironically, the name of the movie was ‘THE BURNING TRAIN’) ; I have another Parsi uncle who is a manager & in his spare time……….plays with remote controlled trains………he likes creating accidents it seems……..I took after him but my favourite pastime with toy trains was to only travel……without a ticket. Incidentally, last week, Younger Uncle went to the Bandra West train station to pick up an old aunt of his from Mangalore (the same one who when he was a school student told on him when he went to see a James Bond movie)………..apparently Younger Uncle lost her but found her luggage which included a box full of chicken bones (!!!soup???) ; she turned up late at night at our place raving about being kidnapped by a Parsi friend of Younger Uncle while Younger Uncle was present.

A new study has revealed that Indians may have migrated to Australia about 4000 years ago and mixed with Aborigines before Europeans colonised the continent. When I told Younger Uncle about this, he chuckled & said :

“We are a bunch of migratory birds, never satisfied unless its made abroad……jai ho !”

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