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#inalightervein AN EVIL JUDGEMENT IS UPON US………………………………….

January 19, 2013

Heavy rains and hailstorm lashed the national capital today (Delhi for those of you who have not been taught civics properly at school), throwing traffic out of gear in many parts of the city and bringing back the problem of water logging. I am quite certain a judgement is upon us…….an evil judgement. It was freezing like Antarctica last night, & I like a peculiar martyr spent the whole night OUTSIDE correcting English Language papers & comforting the fruit bats……the cold weather was not as bad as the Language papers though. The fruit bats are disgusted with the weather. Some have taken to snapping while others are sneezing like hay fever victims (bats look really cute when they sneeze) ; Younger Uncle predicts a hailstorm soon & so wishes all honeymoon couples best of luck. There are too many rapes being reported in the newspapers these days that now, the nursery children that we tutor are asking us the most obscene questions possible. In a way its good, they may become aware of the inefficiency of women security (I have not yet mentioned to them that women have been told to carry knives, chilli powder & pepper spray for safety measures, I feel more problems will be caused than solved by our little friends) ; on the other hand, these kids are getting too way scandalized, even if we are handling them with care. I turn as usual to Younger Uncle for support but apparently he is grappling with another wearisome situation………it seems recently a bank manager molested a client …….but since then, everyone is staring at all managers very suspiciously……..Younger Uncle wants to borrow the chilli powder to save women in distress….he does not want the pepper spray as he feels its of low quality !

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