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#reading #CLASSICS- Why children should be encouraged to read them

January 20, 2013

In my school we were always given an option during the library period. Either we could read a fiction book (Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Princess Diaries, Harry Potter,etc) from the selection on the table next to the giant chart of South America or we could stand in a line & enter the inner part of the library where we could choose a classic to read (all abridged).

Being a person of a very unusual temperament, I used to go for the fiction collection. Later on after we were banned from the library because we were in the librarians words “Evil under the Sun”, I started to ask my Younger Uncle for books & he presented me with classics. At first I made a wry face & bellowed like a bull but then I turned a page…that got me rolling alright. Then on I realized that, my mind was getting broader & I could ace my English papers with ease…..why ? because I was reading classics.

Classics are those books which have been written by the some of the best authors in the world. These stories or novels were excellent beyond words & so in time, they were hailed as classics, meaning something that will last for all time. There are a variety of great authors who have written stories that have not only been good but have been popular for many generations. The saying goes that we become what we read & if we read good literature…well….we rock !

Classics can be a century old, two centuries old or even a story come from the B.C. period. They are amazing & very informative. Some marvellous classic authors are :

1) Lewis Carroll

2) Charles Dickens

3) Jules Verne

4) H. G. Wells

5) Rudyard Kipling

6) Johanna Spyri

7) Homer & many – many more

Classics can be read over & over again & can improve your vocabulary in a weeks time of reading. Some great classics are :

1) Around The World In Eighty Days

2) Oliver Twist

3) David Copperfield

4) Time Machine

5) Treasure Island

6) Little Women

7) Heidi

8) The Invisible Man

9) Dracula

10) Anne Of Green Gables

11) What Katy Did ?

12) Journey To The Center Of The Earth

13) Kim

14) Black Beauty

15) Dr. Dolittle

16) The Wizard Of Oz

17) Moby Dick

18) The Secret Garden

19) Ivanhoe

20) The Black Arrow & many more

So, what are you waiting for, grab a classic & get on with your reading. If you want more options, Google it or find it on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Diesel, Kobo, Page Foundry, Sony , or any Public library.

Reading is fun & reading classics is extra fun

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  1. well, i don’t read books but if i start reading in future, i will definitely come back to this page for a little guidance 🙂

    by the way, loved reading this post 🙂

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