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#inalightervein 181 HELP !!!!……………………………………………………………

January 21, 2013

A month after releasing the three-digit emergency number for women in Delhi, the government today said it will make available the ‘181’ women helpline number to all states of the country. When my students of the 8th standard read this piece of news…..they immediately stated that at least now, thanks to the government, it will be easier to find a boyfriend (date) when one is in need…..especially at the ‘Red Ant Restaurant’. When I tried to inform them that they had misunderstood the Government’s idea of ‘WOMEN IN NEED’ they said that after all, I was their English teacher !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Younger Uncle on the other hand wants to know that what happens to those women who are not near a telephone or whose cell phones are taken away from them to do when they are in need………Younger Aunt replied to that very sarcastically that they could send an email. The only person who is not sarcastic about the helpline is the gardener………HE IS MORTIFIED !!! He feels that all boyfriends now are in trouble……..those who want to hit on their girlfriends literally & metaphorically………….he warns all lovers in need of instant physical affection to beware…..especially those on Bandstand & Reclamation……..beware of 181. Mother is doubtful about the effectiveness of the helpline like she is doubtful of whether Shakespeare is more obscene than our cat Satan (Satan is anyday worse) ; I am glad about the helpline, it was getting really bothersome to carry a knife, chilli powder & pepper spray wherever I went. Even for my blood test I tagged along my weapons for safety in my jacket pocket (I could fit a rifle in one of these pockets….hmmm)……the poor nurse screamed in terror when she saw me take out my wallet from the same place where the knife was dangling……she thought I was jack the ripper ; I immediately took an offense to that & did not allow her to stop my pricked wound to be covered with cotton, in protest I allowed blood to flow from it the whole day. A tired day of heavy duty tuitions are over & my health is much better except for that bleeding hand. Thank heavens we don’t have any dogs about, they simply go all ga-ga Dracula style when they smell blood. Now, I must write.

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