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#inalightervein HOUSE ON FIRE

February 9, 2013

My house is on fire…..the fire of examinations. Everyone is going crazy including Elder Uncle who is normally the sanest of us all. He is finding it hard  to pray for all the tuition students coming to my place as well as for the female cats (the tom cats are screaming too loudly as if they were death metal lovers); My eyes are aching from constant corrections & my head aches due to the constant revision…’s like my head is on fire ! Students are fine with my subjects but, they are not too sure about others…..especially not mathematics since that’s the first paper. Well, nothing new about that old stale broken tape recorded monologue of a whiny story….maths will never be understood……I have this rock bottom feeling it was never meant to be understood……..especially not in the way they teach it at school. Poor gals & guys who are not mathematically inclined & who have to keep on finding the ‘x’ or the ‘y’ or sometimes even the ‘xy’ or the ‘yx’……I going to one day kill that imbecile who ever thought of introducing the alphabet in mathematics, I believe Albert Einstein had similar ‘alphabetical mathematical’ issues…….not that he solved the problem……..he just made mass genocide more easily available & added more weird looking alphabets in Physics. Yet, I use him as an inspiration for some of my more wilder students…you know, the ones who squirt ink on the LCD class projector & slaps the Biology teacher for his cheek. But bottom line is that because of the examinations……THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE……….FIRE…….FIRE……& my eyes are like burning red hot coals……I’m like Cyclops (X-Men). I have not slept for the past four weeks……..I should be studied by the government……maybe its my eyes though Younger Uncle is quite certain its my mind…..lack of it !

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