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#review Matilda by Roald Dahl

February 12, 2013

Last week, I read the famous & much loved Roald Dahl creation ‘Matilda’. I read this book because of a interactive & multimedia project I had prepared for my tuition children of the 5th grade. They were totally besotted with the book & there is no need to wonder why. In his own simplistic style full of made up words & surprises, Roald Dahl enchants the reader making him or her love the character Matilda. I always find Roald Dahl’s childrens works very unique & quite direct in nature. He tries to keep the language as simple as possible & does not give the reader an overdose of fantasy. I’ve also noticed that Roald Dahl never lets the bullies get an upper hand in his books. Ms. Trunchbull the headmistress of Matilda’s school who is mean & very violent gets her just desserts in the book like all bullies in Dahl’s books. 

Fascinating though the character of Matilda’s indifferent parents seem, I too have seen such parents in my short lifetime & at times it is really frustrating. What I admire about the character of Matilda is the way she taught herself how to read & how she managed to stand apart from the crowd…..yet, did not try to be arrogant or proud. I cannot digest arrogance but, that’s a personal opinion. In anycase, simplicity is the virtue of  true genius, & Matilda was such a genius. Another lovable character in the book is Miss Honey, Matilda’s teacher. I found her to be a teacher who for once cares for her pupils & not just what she gets as a pay packet which most of the teachers today are bothered about. Integrity is lacking in the teachers profession & Miss Honey brings to the readers mind an image of a ideal teacher….not yet born……& if so, quite unknown. What exists today is the commercial tutor who looks at the pupil’s face, but never at the pupil’s soul. Hopefully a Miss Honey will emerge from the darkness of instability into the light.

Lastly, ‘Matilda’ is about believing in yourself no matter what & that’s how I want to remember myself as. Wonderful read……..wonderful Dahl.

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