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#Poetry ‘AMOUR’ by Fiza Pathan

April 8, 2013


By Fiza Pathan


Never fall for the eyes of delusional affection.

Love is treacherous.

It leaves behind a mirage

Of various agonising sighs.


Never follow the ways of the heavenly sages.

They take pleasure in the torments of the insane lover.


I am the mislaid lover

Who has been killed by Amour.

Death however has rejected me

While life, has murdered me.

The epic of passionate affection

Can be proud once again as it has always been.

Love begets only pain, it is true.


What is the truth asked the diplomatic man of the world.

To him I answer truthfully without any show of guilt or doubt.

Truth is that love only hurts

Especially the one who has not played

Its game of give and take.


You say to die for love is worth it!

But the world says your wrong.

Because love is a toy in the hands of the strong hearted

For those whose hearts are made on the foundation of stone.

For them if you love you have to spend

The rest of your mortal life engulfed in tears.


Love is treacherous.

Love is tortuous.

Love is a false story.

Love is an unholy scar.

Love is fatal pestilence.


Ask what love is not

It’s not a beautiful sacrifice.

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  1. Nice composition. Love is mirage, but then we fall for it knowingly.

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