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#Poetry ‘No Guarantee’ by Fiza Pathan

April 13, 2013

No Guarantee

by Fiza Pathan


No guarantee, no guarantee,

No guarantee for anybody.

No guarantee, no guarantee,

Although it’s made by everybody.


No guarantee for medicines,

No guarantee for their effects

As well as their after effects,

You may get some side effects.


No guarantee about Government policies,

No guarantee about their effects

As well as their after effects

Or even whether there is an effect.


No guarantee about education,

No guarantee about percentages

Except the advance payments of Professors.

No guarantee about their effects

You will only receive a lot of regrets.


No guarantee about population planning

No guarantee about contraceptives

Their effects and non-effects

And none of them are perfect.


No guarantee about safety

No guarantee for women

Outside, or inside,

They better all just go and hide.


No guarantee about privacy.

No guarantee against piracy

Their effects, affects

And all this we have to correct.


No guarantee about the rain

No guarantee about its effects

On the field or off the field

In the gutter or outside the gutter.


No guarantee about dignity

Life is now like a purgatory.

No guarantee about bank loans

You may suddenly be disowned.


No guarantee about retirement


No guarantee against robbery

Or debauchery or psychology.


In life there is no guarantee except,

One truth that stands alone supreme.

You were born to die a fool

By thinking all the time of what

Could never be guaranteed.

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