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#Poetry ‘You Are The One I Want’ by Fiza Pathan

April 21, 2013

You Are The One I Want

by Fiza Pathan


It is a desert which dries up the pool’s waters

I’m too shy to quench my thirst.

So I lay down beneath the shadows of the dunes.

Then you came, from the land of Princes,

And my heart became set on you.

Your light brown hair and your rugged looks,

Made me thirsty all the more.


Then my heart began to blow the prophets horn

Announcing that a robin had entered

The land of skulls and stones.

I became your lover while you became my muse

You’re too proud to admit that.

Then the verses in the sandy wilderness

Turned into bread for the hungry.


Thus we lived lovers enchanting,

All the vultures watching us.

Your sword of the sharpest metal

Cut the hood of the rattle snake.

You gave me it’s blood to drink.

That’s when I knew, that you would understand

That my heart was set on you.

Your benevolence and your exoticness

Would keep my heartbeat satisfied.


Wilderness in song, scorpions we did outrun.

While the scorching sun burnt our flesh.

We lived together in the shadow of the dunes.

Where we grew to close affection,

O’er the dead remains of the Bedouins.

Then you said goodbye to the horizon.

You said you would move on to the west.

So you bade me farewell, and left me alone.


Without you now I’m silent as the mighty Sahara

Hunter return to fetch your hunted.

You are the one I want, with every ruddy drop of blood,

That enters my aching heart.

You are the one I want, with every desert sandstorm in tune

That blinds my tearful eyes.

You are the one I want, ruling over the mountains

That separates me from you.

You are the one I know, Oh desert Prince

You are the one I want.


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  1. amazing poetry !! awesome !!

  2. Nice. Loved it 🙂

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