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#Poetry ‘You Left Me For Another’ by Fiza Pathan

April 23, 2013

You Left Me For Another

by Fiza Pathan

You left me for another love

It pierced my heart into several painful throbs.

I never till then knew that the heart too

Cries tears of blood so bitterly.

All your promises were empty

All your loving words

Were without foundation.

Before those comforting dreams could be realized

You broke my trust into fragments.

From my eyes brine do appear

The salty water melts the pain into my chest

Your words were worse than even treason.

Even I have a kingdom to care for

It’s the kingdom of the broken soul.

These tears I shed for you

And your treachery to my eyes of affection.

They will not mourn the death of false love.

But succumb to the gashes of destiny.

I will never forget this scar upon my mind

I will remember for all my lifetime

Someone had once presented me a bouquet of fresh roses

Tied to a dagger that was caked with dry blood.

Clotting will take many centuries

To heal this aching cesspool.

Drowning in its red waters.

Do I violently thrust out my hands.

To save  my soul from this fleshy quicksand.

To save my spirit from the bog’s corruption

Left me you did and took my own best friend’s hand.

I never knew that deceit could take such ravishing forms

Beguiled by friendship I believed a lie.

That has torn my trust into two pieces.

These two pieces I burnt into the cauldron’s fire

Blazing from it came the oracle of hell.

Hell takes pride in love

Its victims the demon embraces with claws

Hell breaks the truth

It pours oil into the unquenchable flame

It salts the open fungal mire of betrayal.

What can I complain about demon?

Fire and brimstone do I swallow in gladness.

My love left me for another.

My friend betrayed me.

Hang me upside on a rood of rosewood

Then set this witch alight-have no mercy

I am guilty of loving a falsehood.

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  1. vish4uall permalink

    nice post…


  2. Very touching poetry, which rightly amplify the feelings/emotions of a disappointed heart. Like the words ‘Kingdom of Soul’

  3. Wow. Reading a blog dedicated to poetry for the first time. Interesting and inspiring words.

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