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#Poetry ‘The Day You Died For Me’ by Fiza Pathan

April 24, 2013

The Day You Died For Me

by Fiza Pathan

Journeying across the mountainous region

With a scroll with words of song upon it.

Looking for the Arabian Seer

The one who would take my breath away.

And encase it in his jar of phantoms and wraiths.

This is the only way to lose my mind

In this land of isolate desolation.

Unintelligible is the sound of love,

That I’ve left behind me

In the tomb of eternal rest.

I will not look again that way

With my thoughts on the forever.

Your name will never cross my lips

But it may cross my mind forever and ever.

Towards the cave of the sage I run

Betel leaves within my scarred mouth I chew.

Remembering of days long ago

Ebbing like the tide beneath my minds feet.

I know that you are no more, you are long gone.

Eternity has marked you for its groom.

Thus I saddled up my wares

Sold my merchandise to my only adopted son.

Then with scroll in hand, ashes covering my face,

Making penance for love’s absence.

But if I lose my way

I am sure that I will die.

Bandits from the tribal kingdoms

Shall take me by the hair.

They will scorch me in the heat of day.

And tie me on the stake of death.

But I’ll not go back to my land.

I won’t go back to you or your grave.

I won’t revive my passion anew.

Though the air is cold, and the barren land old.

I’m not going to come back home again.

I’m on my way to the spring of immortality

With reverence shall I give and take

With each blessing that my master bestows

My lacerations which your death caused

Will heal my spirit.

Your phantasm will haunt me now

But I won’t be afraid of desert banshees

Or the fury of the vile vixen

I’ll go along my way towards the setting sun.

Make my new abode in the heart of the divine.

I cannot look back again

Because I’ll be turned into salt crystals

Then I’ll be tossed away by winds of The Tao

And revel in the stigmatist wrappings.

He will covet me with his right hand

And raise the left hand towards your memory.

But I won’t go back, I will not return home.

My land is no more my own.

Your death has taken away my peace

My life has not a soul to care for.

So let me go, let me go to

To the land of eternal redemption.

Don’t forgive me and I’ll not forget you

Don’t let your ghost haunt me.

Just let me leave, today you have died for me.

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  1. Fine composition. When a desolate heart speaks it agony in volumes, who can bear it. Like this line:’Eternity has marked you for its groom.’

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