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#Poetry ‘The Art Of Love’ by Fiza Pathan

May 4, 2013

The Art Of Love

By Fiza Pathan

The art of love is very superficial

If you get my meaning, you will still fail to understand.

It’s like the flu which one gets in September, and which

Breaks out into measles by February the fourteenth.

It is a bottomless pit from which no one arises

For just like our government….someone just dug a hole and forgot to put a ladder there.

People in love are a pathetic lot

Squirming into each other, like earthworms in the water pump.

Snake like their fingers entwine into one anothers

Just the way that Women’s Bill gets entwined into a rather queer knot in Parliament.

The lovers of affection feel they are deeply in love

When all they actually need is a rather good neurosurgeon.

They blink and bat their eyes every now and then

Better than students at the University who do the same for some cheated information.

The minds of lovers are empty as the seats of colleges

Only filled with red hearts and stuffed teddy bears for the lot.

Gruesome are their sighs and disgusting their love talk

Without matter their discussions last, till their mothers are appalled.

Flower shops invest in them and so do gift shops

Heaven only knows who does not cash in on this pantomime.

Movie theatres are streaming with them sharing caramel popcorn

Over the barking of mad dogs of hell from the screens breast.

Promises are made but rarely are they kept

Most of them come with no warranty

So much so that carpenters from the bazaar

was more promising than he or she.

Love poems flow out from parched lips and throat run dry

Drier than even our lakes the years our monsoon

Plays truant like a shifty schoolboy fake.

Kisses amore, what a language of ecstasy

If only the tax collectors could have also taken

Our hard earned money ever so gently.

Dancing into the night do lovers get enslaved by the passing tune

Even we have to place cotton in our ears even though it’s past ten pm.

Quiet stars twinkle in the eyes of lovers all the time

Wish I could see that same sparkle… the hungry eyes of a beggar.

The art of love is very superficial

If you get my meaning you will still fail to understand.

How can one be so engrossed in puppy love making?

When a country starves its life away.


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  1. Struggled a bit to keep with the poem, then maybe its me.. Loved the marriage of love and satire Fiza.

  2. Thank you for your encouragement.

  3. very nice and unique…

  4. You’ve got an amazing style and still better imagination. I love lines like
    “Just the way that Women’s Bill gets entwined into a rather queer knot in Parliament.”

    • Thank you sir for the compliments. I’m glad you liked the line about the Woman’s Bill…..I enjoyed writing it a lot. 😀

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