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#Poetry ‘Woe to Our Love It Is No More’ by Fiza Pathan

May 6, 2013

Woe To Our Love It Is No More

by Fiza Pathan

How many words of falsehood have you uttered,

To fake the passion you want to impress on me.

How many lies must I hear in my subconscious,

To dim the light of innocence within my soul?

The searing pain of treason is burning within my ribs,

You betrayed me for your own pleasure-what was my crime oh my love?

I am now a misery unto myself, I’m devoid of feelings,

I am lacerated on the cross that isn’t my own.

The white hot iron rod you placed upon this brow of mine,

Will scorch me up forever this night-what was my crime oh my love?

Do you have no mercy in your sea green eyes?

Are they really as cold as the oceans icy floor?

Sometimes I wonder, sometimes I weep

And pour hot molten lava over my pupils-my lover has betrayed me!

Sometimes I scream, sometimes I write verses to pacify

The temptor within my sharp knife of bloodless shine.

I feel the coldness of the blade-cutting over my song again.

What have I done to deserve such lies, why does my lover despise the light?

So now I am no more a bird within a cage so safe

Now I lie with broken wings upon the cold stone floor.

Grumbling a curse for my foolishness, this moaning will forever last.

No more will I be able to rest at night.

Why this sorrow? What do I lack?

A timepiece to turn back the clock to the beginning of our lie!

Matted is my hair within my arms,

The knots subside into a knell for deaths bride.

The evil one hangs down upon me to draw me of my life’s worth

What was my crime oh my lover?

The claws of red beneath my flesh,

Tear my muscle bursting into my bones.

Why have I been cast away?

Your words, your promises, your beseeching articulations,

Your musical verses-have all gone to the land of Canaanites.

The scar of Cain the murderer do I behold upon my forehead

White and shiny for all to behold.

Let me cut this umbilical cord that causes me to forever die.

You punished me without a care, this treachery I can no longer bear!

Woe to the long night! Woe to lost souls! Woe to our love, it is no more!


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  1. May I suggest something? Don’t break lines too frequently. Make stanzas. You are a brilliant poet. Don’t let the technique stifle you.

    • Thank you for the pointers, I will work on them….although it is difficult to get this blog of mine to understand that I want stanzas !!!! Now though thanks to your words of wisdom, I will work it out somehow πŸ˜€

  2. Beautiful Lines.

  3. Those were beautiful lines πŸ™‚

    P.S. I like the name : insaneowl πŸ˜€

    • Thank you for appreciating my poetry πŸ˜€

      Yeah, I’m quite insane & write at the dead of night…….so, I am ‘insaneowl’ πŸ˜‰

  4. Nice one………………….


  5. I felt it was written in a feeling of extreme pain rather than tranquility…as i could feel the pain ,anger,hatred…among few other negative vibes along with a hope of expectation…of something good that wasn’t to be…!!!

    • Thank you for appreciating the emotions behind this piece. Your interpretation is very accurate πŸ™‚

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