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#Poetry ‘Will You Still Be There’ by Fiza Pathan

May 10, 2013

Will You Still Be There

by Fiza Pathan


It is summer time before the storm you are handsome and all alone.

I know though, that idleness makes us promise much more than expected.


The sun is smiling over all our works, the swell of the Arabian Sea is not strong enough to drown our hopes.

I know though, that beautiful pictures have the knack to smudge themselves into a mess of emotional colours.


You have to write to me about what the raven said, as he pecked at your fingers while you penned your words.

I know though, evil breeds a prophecy no man can ever conceive even in friendships over the waters.


Down the slopes of my home in the suburbs, I muse about the specialness of quietude.

I know though, happiness was always passing by my horizon of love and gaiety.


Dark as ebony are my eyes, darker even are my secrets within each revelation of poetry.

I know though, you are too young and carefree to comprehend the sorrow of my destiny.


The past is gone and yet lives on, with every passing ship that harbours close to the bank.

I know though, misery is bitter to taste and even worse when it is set out to sea away from safety.


Your words are neat without a scratch, you still can dream about the future without a fuss of rationality.

I know though, more than the Oracle I can prophesize a crown of shackles for my head.


Travel I must to a far off land, where the sand is warm to sink into my feet so small.

I know though, you will still be around even though situations are not at all the same.


You want to stretch your arms towards the galaxy, stars of yellow shines within the holes of your dark brown eyes.

I know though, tears do dim that spark we set out to light up the night’s dark blue sky of mystery.


When you are gone to sell your goods, to the people of the western land of oil.

I know though, you will still be waiting for the crystal ball of wishful thinking to creep into this isle of perilous hollowness in my soul.


But I want to know, have you looked into my eyes.

But I want to know, have you read what others cannot see.

I want to know whether after the reading, will you still be there?




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  2. “I know though, that beautiful pictures have the knack to smudge themselves into a mess of emotional colours” – My Fav Line Fiza… 🙂

  3. .. will u still be there ?? .. beautiful yet again !!

  4. very well composed!

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