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#Poetry ‘I Will Love You Even After The Forever’ by Fiza Pathan

May 14, 2013

I Will Love You Even After The Forever

by Fiza Pathan


My paramour my true love my heart yearns the day,

When you will take me as your own.

Till then I’ll pen down my patient sorrow to the tune,

Of every breath that you respire with your delicate mouth.

Lover my own darling when shall I behold,

The bond united in the face of animosity?

When will your heavenly eyes fall upon your bride,

Who burns the flame of eternal devotion year after year.


Think of the past when so many suitors passed on my virgin snow,

No footprint could they leave to stain this clean heart of mine for you my love.

Remember the day when our hands touched for the first time,

I felt the shiver of the yogi’s compassion run through me.

Your voice can conquer my afflictions,

Your ardour can act as a soothing ointment to my perishable scars of old.

No man but you can sing the ballad of the lothario so enchantingly

That it can bless the darkness of this world.


My love for you is like a melody of wishes unfulfilled,

Which I place at your holy shrine in the tent of our old friendship.

One day you will arrive and there you will find me oiling

The yellow flames of our early infatuation.

No sea or ocean can separate you from me,

No words can fathom the length of adorations sweet embrace.


Spell out a lost cry of fallen glass and shattered passion,

Melt my body into your palms in rapture.

The grey cloud has at last cast a silver lining on this windy day,

As you take my chin in your hands

The Earth starts to tremble and the sea starts to cry.

Behold love is eternal, amour lives on forever

Till my last breath of pure ardour.


Lo and behold the edifice of stone is a testimonial

To our hearts charity towards our poor souls.

Luxury is opium of my arms around your neck,

Pleading for the fascination you seem to promise.

Promise me with your eyes not your lips

For the parted skin thus lead astray

But looks of one’s true flame never lies.

I am your sweetheart that you looked upon not a while ago,

Don’t turn away to blush your recollections

Of our childhood from your mind.


Lover of mine I see that the time is near,

When the lightening shall sink for once

Into the high tide of chaste devotion.

Your name is encased in the storehouse of my spirit,

It longs to be cloistered into the convent of your life.

One day the sun will shine the dark night forever into a haze,

That day I will be your wife.

I will ponder on your kindness of old, my Master

I will not call you by your name.


Just as gold, the smiths’ obsession melts in the heat, it is so

When my forehead is upon your broad chest oh my loving enchanter!

Glory to this moment as I walk around the pyre of my soul’s salvation,

With the yellow thread of a lifetime strung to my neck.

Ring out the shout of the poor patient heart’s joy,

When the guest of honour will be here to stay for all lifetime.

Till then wait I shall, upon the threshold of your heart,

One sign shall be my guiding lighthouse to the harbor of your family.

I love you forever and ever Amen….I will love you even after the forever.


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