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#Poetry ‘Stay Away From Me’ by Fiza Pathan

May 20, 2013

Stay Away From Me

by Fiza Pathan


The most heavenly smile

Cannot light up my face into wrinkles of laughter

Like the way your beaming grin does.

When I behold your boyish looks,

I am speechless and my heart feels drunk

Like a mariner on the dock.

I feel like a living being

When I contemplate about you while at leisure.

But honestly,

You’re a beacon of freshness in my sad life,

But I can’t go on with you.


I am tied to a past that needs to develop

From its dark negative

Into a rainbow across my dreams.

You can’t fit in this darkness,

You don’t fit into this shadow land

Of ghosts and banshees.

But with every breath of my soul,

I can’t let you go away from myself.

Although I know that this wine of young love

Must be drained from our lives,

I need to show you to the door

And leave you back outside.

But I’ve tried and I’ve failed

Because you are a painting of loveliness

And a ray of distant hope.


Tainted are my palms with the scourging

Of vengeance within my veins

Yet I can’t say I dislike you

For you are the person of my fantasy in the flesh,

You liven my poetry into a sweet reality.

I can saunter now

Into my most deepest desires of affection

Without any efforts.

But you need to be told,

That my future lies upon

The foundation stone of rejection.

How can I give what I have not?

How can I colour a portrait of passionate love

Without the easel and the brush?

So walk away from my path,

Or suffer with me as my anger

Scorches every evergreen forest built upon

Each graveyard of my dead wishes.

Either come with my demon like request

Or save your tender skin from the peril

Of the fire of the furnace.


But I can’t decide for you

For your innocence and foolhardiness

Takes my breath away.

And the sound of your voice pulls out

The hidden lost tears from my dry eyes.

A pact with the magnificent I have made,

I cannot alter it for anyone,

Not even for my own self.

In this bond of rage where do you stand?

Where are your promises of clear running water

In this hell house of bottomless sulphur volcanoes?

Let me beseech you, run

Away from the curse of doom in the form of a woman

Before it is too late.

Stay away from the wailing writer of revenge

Stay away from me.

Copyright © 2013 by Fiza Pathan





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  1. There is so much of pain, longing and emotions in this poem.

  2. Agree with Saru ! impeccable ..

  3. Hear wrenching…am really wondering how could you write such heart stirring poems…!!!

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