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#Poetry ‘The Wandering Lover’ by Fiza Pathan

May 21, 2013

The Wandering Lover

By Fiza Pathan


Since this lover has witnessed your departure

She has been dreaming sweet wishes of your return.

In sorrowful fits in the darkness of my reverie, I dream

That it is me who wanders about in your territory

Among the members of your tribe.

I search for your home, but I find naught

What is my heart’s desire,

No droplet or driblet of your existence.

Oh my loving suitor of old

Do not abandon me in my sleeping vision.

Oh my sincere lover

Don’t let me roam in your land

Without hope of a purposeful finding.

This incubus inside my mind

Echoes your ancient promises

Like deposits on unheard sobs.

Oh my dearest one don’t let my nightmares

Search empty lanes and meander near the station.

Come back to me or witness

My unglorified spirit

Rambling in your garden in the dead of night.

There is distance overpowering my own grief,

To others my visions seem oddly amusing.

They laugh at me while I scream in my sleep,

Trying to call out your name when I imagine

Your terrains hills, plains, cottages and cathedrals.

I turn hoarse yelling out your unknown address

To every transport driver that I seem to imagine.

But they remain aloof from my awful sighs

Just like you they find my aimless amblings quite eccentric.

But I shall return again and yet again,

Searching for you who promised so much

And left me in melancholy.

The heat of the summer night may scorch my body

But to your home I will find my way yet

Some fateful day either in death or life.

Blessed will you feel if I am alive as you

Open your casement when I knock

For, if I return to you after passing away,

Your merciless asthenia shall be my camp forever.

Don’t oh sweet young man let this woman

Like the grim reaper rove,

Return to me or face my lament

Every night you try to rest.

Where do you reside?

Where must I go when sadness

Enters my deficient sleep of empty wants?

I will wobble to your house like a waif,

Take my place upon your doorstep like a gamin.

Open your egress when I knock

Or haunt will I your descendants forever

Till they are ruined to a fate worse than doom.

Copyright © 2013 by Fiza Pathan





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  1. It reflects how a person is hoping against hope…about the return of one’s loved one…Lovely

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