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# ‘A letter to Santa’ by Fiza Pathan

July 8, 2013

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‘The Mahabodhi Temple Blasts at the ancient 1500 year old Buddhist Temple at Gaya reminded me of my earlier post. I reblog it with anguish in my heart. Why??? When will this nameless violence and destruction in the name of God end.’

Dear Santa,

This Christmas is a Special Christmas, a Christmas I will always remember… For I am writing for a lot of things that I want from you.

Give me a name, which will not harm the sentiments of any person.

Give me a new life, for because of my life and for my sake, my people are being raped and tortured throughout the world.

Give me a new path for walking the way, for it seems the old one is too tough, and that is why many youth and other folks are taking to drugs, alcohol and the like.

Give me a little peace and quiet for my heart and soul, because the cries of the victims of bomb blasts and riots are deafening me.

Give me a new way to make myself clear, for everything I say is misinterpreted by fanatics everywhere.

Give me a new place to stay, where there is no hungry beggar, no dying child or neglected villages- for I can’t stand such moroseness and at times…the poverty I see around me leads me to despair.

Give me no shape and no form, for in the name of what they see, they think it’s really me.

Give me another cooler place where I could stay, for the global warming is getting to me and the emissions from the many vehicles choke me.

Give me friends for I have none – those who fight and shout out slogans in my name, only nauseate me and do nothing else.

Give me a new entertainment to entertain me, for the surrounding media is strewn with hate, murder, riots, vulgarity.

Lastly good old Santa ….. Try giving me a new heart this Christmas  that I can add it to my most compassionate heart, so that both these hearts could match up to the evil that resides in the world.

Thank You,

Yours always
The Omniscient

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  1. The Evil in the name of God is really nonsense..This will never stop until we take religion in true spirits…

  2. Santa may ask us to help ourselves in making world a better place ..probably even God does not have any better place than what we are living in and spoiling steadily and fast 😦

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