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A teacher who swims through a river everyday to get to his students

September 6, 2013

An uplifting story on Teacher’s Day.



At 9 am on a weekday, Abdul Mallik is busy wading through neck-high water, a tyre-tube around his waist, his tiffin box and shoes held in one hand above the muddy river.    
It’s hardly the average morning commute, but for this 40-year-old teacher, it’s all in a day’s work.
This is what it takes Mr Mallik to get to the primary school where he has been employed for 20 years in a village in the Malappuram district of Kerala. 

“If I go by bus, it takes me three hours to cover the 12-kilometer distance, but swimming through the river is easier, faster and I reach school on time,” he says, after he emerges from the river 15 minutes later.  

He changes into a dry set of clothes on the river bank, and then treks uphill for 10 minutes before he reaches school.

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  1. I saw this somewhere else and reblogged it! Love that story…..namaste. . .Anne

  2. I read about the respectable man yesterday on a news site .. and trust me I felt he was actually making a meaning of his life gifted to him by the Almighty !! Salam to the Hero !! Salam to the True Guru!!

  3. I tried to comment on your ‘Poet in Pieces’ post but it says page not found. Anyway I really thought it a powerful poem. She is a bit wordy but the poem has a dimension and life all its own beyond that. Great post and choice. >KB

    • The page is available now. Thanks for appreciating my poem.

      • I apologize. You put your name at the bottom and I mistook the poem as a ‘quote’ of someone else’s work. I’m glad it was yours. It has great bones, really.
        Drive, strong images, great ending. Just a bit wordy in places as I said, for me at least. Good read.>KB

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