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#Poetry ‘The Fifth Week Of Fever’ by Fiza Pathan

September 13, 2013

‘The Fifth Week Of Fever’ by Fiza Pathan


It’s the second week running and the fifth week of fever

Ever since I read the block of cold marble stone within your heart

Your neglect and your apathy towards me is piercing my fleshy red heart as a beetroot

Why not cut it and churn out the blood as a dish fit for your anger

Keep me away for a day and keep the sun in the palm of my aching hands

They then shall burn not for the blazing gold that you gave to me was perjury

Heaven fathom the love you have not sent to me these forgotten years

Rise to the waves of the ocean and then begone

That was the way my chest heaves with sadness for you and your lot in life

Building a drawbridge across our minds is not my cup of tea anymore

Drown me if you must in the moat of crocodiles

But tell you solemnly, I will arise like a water sprout

Alas! The feverish sensation refuses to bid me adieu

Burn camphor balls around my burning body, to make the serpents die of suffocation

The fever of death will torment the poet’s pen not

The dying summer lasts only till my burning eyes close with the noon


Copyright © 2013 by Fiza Pathan


Image courtesy: Google Images/Calendar 2013 And Rose by George Hodan

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  1. Beautiful poetry. Loved it, and specifically this line.

    “The fever of death will torment the poet’s pen not”

  2. I agree with Abhra! Good Job!

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