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#Poetry ‘The Scandalous Book’ by Fiza Pathan

September 14, 2013

The Scandalous Book by Fiza Pathan



The scented book lies open to the eyes of an outsider

No longer does the perfume tantalize your pretty blue eyes

No more do you with your grey crayon scribble over its yellow sheets

To tell him a story who was once only your delight

This leather bound book now is vulnerable to the wounds inflicted by my researcher’s eyes

Because you did not care dear little one to close away your dark little secrets

With shock I read as I peruse through the folds

A scandal do I read of and I nod again and again with pity

Why sweet child did you not hide this sensation from my eyes?

Why did you not lock it by key away from my preying hurtful gaze?

Hare brained was that mongrel whom you called beloved

He let you pass away-such a beauty, now like the moss upon the dusty road

The green carpet slips never again for now I am doubly sure of your crime

Love at first sight was it not-or are you precious one a carrion eater of the other sex’s charm

I pray you beloved silly child, close your book upon my sight

Poke and chisel out what I read with your pen and your pastel

Let no man or woman be allowed to venture into your depths

Except that one God who fashioned your thoughts of which I most justly not have partaken of.



Copyright © 2013 by Fiza Pathan

Image courtesy: Google Images/Wikipedia



A link to my book on Amazon:





A link to my book on Amazon:


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