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#Poetry ‘What Is Your Name’ by Fiza Pathan

September 16, 2013

What Is Your Name by Fiza Pathan


Wet lips in persistent prayer answer me

What is your mysterious name?

Reveal your grace filled days of amour to me

Caress my every wish in your tender arms

But don’t keep this fleet adrift on the sea surrounding your heart

Please dear, tell me your name

Gleefully amass me as a gem stone in your humble abode

Spend each night studying the gleam of my twinkling smile

Dimple cheeks do not deceive you as your head bows down to the cross before you

What is your lovely name gentle soul?

No poetess can keep away from your piercing sword like charms

They pierce the flesh of the red beating heart

The mermaids of the lost continent will tend to your every step with crystals and perfume

Don’t keep away the truth from me my sweet

What is your name?

Parting are the hours gone by and troubled red hot is my mind

In contemplation of your every gaze towards heaven

Pearls so snow white are your fingertips as they drum away at the hymn book

But not one single beat resonates back to my hungry sigh

Don’t let this love me go on by, tell me at once your name

Let us play the Rumpelstiltskin game of chance again sweet darling

What is your name?


Copyright © 2013 by Fiza Pathan


Image courtesy: Google Images

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  1. This was sweet and yet fun at thesame time. Good read. >KB

  2. That’s a very soothing and beautiful piece of poetry. Loved it. However, I would like to suggest that you change the presentation of your blog. It can be made to suit your contents and yet appeal to readers in a better way.

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