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#Poetry ‘Captain of Love’ by Fiza Pathan

November 8, 2013


‘Captain of Love’ by Fiza Pathan


The autumn sigh has long come my way,

The breeze has told me about your love all over again;

Don’t say you have forgotten the vows that you bled before the altar to my soul.

I can’t understand why the winter presses on, when I am aware that my night has lost its dawn.

The world has changed all around ever since you have left your name, scarred upon my chest.

Your poetry-your words of affection turn the pages of my faithfulness to you to perfection.

But dead souls don’t live or breathe and when my heart cries out for you-you don’t answer me.

Come towards me mountains of white pearly snow; perform your cold sacrifice,

Upon the altar of the fire of my love for eternity lost.

The remedy has been lost and the balm of sadness no longer makes me weep for…

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  1. Renard Moreau permalink

    [ Smiles ] Lovely poem!

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