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#Poetry ‘Feather Soft Love Lost’ by Fiza Pathan

January 16, 2014

Feather Soft Love Lost

By Fiza Pathan


A feather white drops silently into the maze of my world,

It disappears quietly into my palm as I unfold it inwards.

Then only does the warmth of the quill press me towards the parchment of blood stains,

Stained by your false love to me is the feather written in amour’s own reek red liquid droplets.

The maze now loses me within it as I cry to you my once sweet charmer,

The feather of pain I still clutch within to make this moment in written poetry sublime.

Fare thee well good soul and adieu this night of bloodless cold colour,

You have given me a token of remembrance with a golden memory for every chapter I turn.

The soft feather now is gone friend and lost love, towards the desert where you are bound.

I cannot go where you are so leave me the stillness in your name as I bid farewell.

Don’t forget to write out our love on the parchment of life with the quill of literature,

Don’t forget to remember me while you sink into the sand and my aching heart with you go.

Copyright © 2014 by Fiza Pathan

Image courtesy:

Feather_4388 (2).JPGBy Alvimann

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