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#Poetry ‘SMILE’ by Fiza Pathan

February 10, 2014


By Fiza Pathan


Your smile is like the breath of spring

And it fills my heart with bliss.

The joy of my dreams these days dear one

Is to see you smile gently,

At my little childlike instances.

Your smile like a waterfall

Breaks away into many droplets

To drown my melancholic nature away.

Then the atmosphere lets loose

All her pretty antics

When you laugh to the heavens.

I could look at your forever

Smiling at my madness

For I have fallen in love with your smile.

Your smile

Is soft like the touch of a butterfly on ones cheek.

My dimple adores your graceful chuckle

And it beams with joy

To see you laugh aloud in happiness.

So keep on smiling sweet one

Whose smile breaks out all over ones heart,

Like summer rain covers the earth with freshness.

Keep on smiling dear one

For your smile means a lot to the poet

Who could pen ballads galore

Gazing at you and your shyness.

Keep a smile a day for the poet

Who loves your modesty and your humbleness.

Thank you for smiling dearest lover,

As it takes my breath away,

With every gasp that I break loose through my lungs

Which breathes only in your name.

Copyright © 2014 by Fiza Pathan

Image courtesy:

DSC_2472.JPGBy can131

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  1. dilkashshayari permalink

    बहुत खूब !

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