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#Poetry ‘The Imprisoned Lover’ by Fiza Pathan

February 13, 2014

The Imprisoned Lover

By Fiza Pathan


I’m a prisoner of vices,

And my cardinal vice is you dear lover.

The bars hold me enclosed within

To keep out reason and practicality.

I bang my head against the stakes

That makes me bleed,

But does not make me forget.

The ribs of the cage that hold me are too strong

And love is the pole that cuts my chest.

Why dear lover did you,

Lock me within this jail of torture?

Why dearest darling did you,

Place me within your heart

To then imprison me mercilessly?

The pit and the pendulum of the man called Poe

Cuts through me in half.

I am cut through my entrails darling lover,

Why have you turned away from me?

Why did you light the fire within my breast,

If you did not know how to tame the embers?

Now within my solitude

I curse your name and your treachery.

Your unholy act has left me in shambles

And now I’m cut in half with a tremendous loss of blood.

Your adultery was of poor quality;

You were foul, faithless, nefarious and black-hearted.

You left me tied to the shackles that held me

And now the bars of this self-imprisonment

Makes me want to cry.

So I weep not only for my tormented self

But also for our love

Which you have undressed before the mundane world.

Copyright © 2014 by Fiza Pathan

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peeltower 066.JPGBy businessplans

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