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Thoughts On A Valentine …

February 15, 2014

Ma’am, what a wonderful gift you have given me on Valentine’s day.
I am honoured. Love and wishes. Fiza Pathan

Happy Holly Project

… or how I survived being alone … again.

Now, having written that, it isn’t all that bleak. Really. Let me explain.

Some of you may have read my blog post yesterday, in which I recalled saying “And of course I didn’t get any Valentines again this year”.

Many years have passed since then. Some alone and some with someone who may as well have been alone. Funny thing about that. But I digress.

I actually am fine with the whole alone thing. Most of the time. And reality is that Valentine’s Day doesn’t hit me any differently than any other day. Usually.

Except this year.

This year, I actually did get a Valentine’s wish of sorts.  From an old friend … or two. Here is what I woke to today on Facebook from an old college friend:

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! It’s not a card but have a great…

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One Comment
  1. It is a beautiful piece which you have written that speaks to my soul. It especially touched me yesterday and I was honored to use it as part of my post. Thank you.

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