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#Poetry ‘The Stench Of Love’ by Fiza Pathan

February 19, 2014

The Stench Of Love

By Fiza Pathan


The mist has dazed me to foolishness

And my eyes are blind to your faults.

The crookedness of your form is true

And your left eye is hazed

With a film white as milk.

Yet old love I care for you

Like a Mother for her child.

I want to be like Upagupta*

And be with you when you really need me

To spread the balm of healing over your wounds.

I love you my dearest old one of my heart

You have hypnotized me with your single eye

And have poured all the mesmerism you bear into my pupils.

Yet I need you dearest old lover

In the mist that clouds my horizon.

The swamp in which I reside

Is the cursed home you have gifted to me.

I play with the frogs and heal their boils

While the toads give me company

When I long for the glimpse of the passion-flower.

My marshy land is now my abode

Where I stir the balm of healing for your stripes.

By his stripes we are healed

Were the words you once

Whispered tiredly into my ears.

Now with the stripes upon my heart

Your body, soul and element is healed.

I have a potion for aching wounds

And a tonic for tired eyes.

The day you find no lover to be by your side

There shall you find me in the swamp

The stench of our old love.


Copyright © 2014 by Fiza Pathan

*Upagupta [circa. 3rd Century B.C.] was a Buddhist monk.

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DSC_9673.JPGBy photojock

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