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#Poetry ‘The Snake Parasite’ by Fiza Pathan

February 20, 2014

The Snake Parasite

By Fiza Pathan

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As I gazed at the fruit of edible nature

I saw a worm emerge from the core.

It told me of the misery that lurks within the world

That has vanquished the flame of truth.

I picked the slithery creature from its abode

And swallowed it whole

So that its wisdom would pollute my ignorance.

It’s a parasite now lurking in my blood

Drinking up my appetite and feeding on my sanity.

The spineless one teaches me a riddle

About lost continents and crystals

That shone as electricity long ago.

About tall fair giants and men with azure eyes

Who commanded rivers to part and lakes to dry up.

Now my guts ache with the tiny serpent in my stomach.

He is growing stronger

And fat like a pig

Before the dawn of Noel.

I like the pain, for it makes me vomit out my hatred.

I lust now for books of old and theories

Long forgotten beneath the icy oceans.

I eat the flesh of the hungry

And drink the blood of the thirsty

Always on the lookout for the diamond in the rough.

My sickness grows upon me and makes me weary

And so I speak in riddles

And philosophize every word I speak.

I’m a skeleton now and can hardly carry myself

To the pond of the disturbed angel.

People rush forward before me to drink of its waters

Before I can even get a chance to quench my thirst.

Dear reader of my verses don’t be alarmed

I’m still in love with my three muses

So there is still much more to write about love.

But when the night comes and the tempest roars

I remember the snake within me that has grown fat

With my thoughts as food .

Copyright © 2014 by Fiza Pathan


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(Image for representative purpose only)

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  1. bemoneyaware permalink

    Very meaningful and very thought provoking!

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