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#Poetry ‘You Were My World’ by Fiza Pathan

March 4, 2014

You Were My World

By Fiza Pathan


My world has grown colder ever since you have refused my proposal,

My world has grown desolate without anyone to call me by my true name.

My world has grown weary ever since you have destroyed my hopes,

My world has grown empty without your love and your comforting embrace.

My world has grown sorrowful ever since you said you hated me,

My world has grown merciless without your laughter and your smile.

My world has grown darker ever since the light of everlasting love has been put out,

My world has grown spiteful without you in my heart and in my arms.

My world has grown duller ever since you forgot to call on me,

My world has grown colorless without any rainbow in sight on a spring noon day.

My world has grown torturous ever since you have left me behind,

My world has grown weary without your kind words and flirtatious glance.

My world has basically crumbled down into dust and so I shed my blood to complete this one-sided love ritual.

I was only a part of your world, but to me you were my world, as the old saying goes.


Copyright © 2014 by Fiza Pathan

Image courtesy:

Rocking_Chair.JPGBy Grafixar


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One Comment
  1. What a lovely way with words:-) truly enjoyed reading your world.. Keep writing:-)

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