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#Poetry ‘Remember Me Old Lover’ by Fiza Pathan

March 13, 2014

Remember Me Old Lover

By Fiza Pathan


You are the atmosphere in which
I breathe and derive freshness.

My heart yearns for the touch of your rough hands
and to rest my head on your broad chest.

But you do not love me anymore dearest
why have you turned away from me, I can’t understand.

Remember all those empty promises
you pledged to me when we embraced our hearts as one?

That was then when I realized that I loved you
more than my own heartbeat.

It’s been many years since you,
have moved on and never looked back.

But I the poet have remained faithful to the lamp of our love.

It will never be put out till I am alive
for lovers love only once.

With this pain of one true love I will live,
with this pain of one true love will I die.

What have I to fear? I loved you with the most earnest love possible
I will not be proven to be guilty when the god of death
floats above my old wretched frame to carry tenderly my soul to the underworld.

Where you are concerned dear old lover however,
I do not know how you will meet the dark empty sockets of deaths painless vision.

I will float in the river of Hades waiting for you dear lover
then I will narrate to you the times you forsake me and
the tears that were shed in vain from my dark raven black eyes.

We will float in the grimy river for ages to come
and I’ll sing as I float through the transparent bodies of the dead.

Remember me when death knocks at your door dear one
just the way I remember you every hour-every minute-every second.


Copyright © 2014 by Fiza Pathan

Image Courtesy:

IMG_4201.JPGBy Sgarton


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