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#Poetry ‘Ocean Waters’ by Fiza Pathan

March 15, 2014

Ocean Waters

By Fiza Pathan


The sea stretches out to kiss the sky at the horizon.

The azure brilliance of the clear waters
tempts me to bathe in its glory.

The ocean is still, as if in a mood of contemplation.

It wears the blue sky like a cloistered nun’s veil
to cover its beauty from the atmosphere.

But the atmosphere loves the lake of shining waters
and caresses it in its arms like a lover.

The atmosphere holds up the sky over the earth’s waters
to protect the two firmaments.

Moving under the sea
are the bounteous creatures of marine life.

They are pretty to the eye
and colourful delight to the soul.

The atmosphere however knows them all;
she dives with the killer whales
and plays a merry sport with the dolphins.

She rests herself on the back of a blue whale
and sharpens the pincers of the hard-hearted crab.

This is the dance of nature
and the gift of Ahura Mazda
to the barren thirsty earth.

Let the river of my life flow into the sea and mate with it.
Let it consume my worries and drench me with a wet kiss

I will try to swim through the miracle waters
which flow on taking away my pain.
I will sleep in the depths of the blue ocean
and drown my sorrows as the waves beat against my body.


Copyright © 2014 by Fiza Pathan

Image courtesy:

IMG_5955_2.jpgBy Oleander




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  1. Takes my breath away…

  2. sabpar123 permalink

    Loved it, so picturesque, vivid in description 🙂

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