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#Poetry ‘Unrequited Love’ by Fiza Pathan

March 17, 2014

Unrequited Love

By Fiza Pathan


Love birds chatter and kiss in the cage
within the depths of my soul.

The enchantment of amour is
delightful to see and wonderful to taste.

My dearest captain of the sea
I remember you especially today
for this day marks one year since we met.

Do you remember how we met by chance?
you took away my breath in your seaman’s garb.

I remember the way we used to talk, and
those sweet memories will always remain dear to me.

I remember the way your smile set the night
twinkling with the music of your laughter.

You were boyish to the core with
the light of life shining in your eyes –
you were the lamp in my existence
which has not been put out, even to this day.

Why did you go away from me I cannot really say?

My deductions have come to naught –
you left me when I loved you the most.

Do you remember how excited we were
when the bee of spring’s love bit us?
We did not even flinch.

I loved you to insanity and I loved you
till obsession took control over my ruddy heart.

I carved your name
with a sharp knife of pain across my chest
to alter the heavens that had set us apart.

My blood so red squeezed out like
rain from my wounded chest –
it throbs me till this day.

With your name across my breast I search for you –
I look out for you on hot sunny days near the Arabian sea
my young beloved captain of my heart.

Where did you wander away dearest?
Was the passion of our love too deep for you?

Look out for me when you are at sea
dearest of my heart.
I’ll pen my thoughts about you
and scatter my papyrus into the waters –
to quench this thirst of unrequited love


Copyright © 2014 by Fiza Pathan

Image courtesy:

11326427181.jpgBy sideshowmom



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