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#Poetry ‘You Forgot My Birthday’ by Fiza Pathan

March 18, 2014

You Forgot My Birthday

By Fiza Pathan

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You are cruel to me dear lover,
for forgetting me on my birthday.

How much do I adhere to whatever false statement you utter –
but you don’t care about me you have moved on
and I have remained unchanged.

Sweetmeats will I distribute to the lonely on my birthday –
I’m twenty-five this year and yet I’m low
with the burden of our severed love ties.

How can you forget the date of my birth so easily?
How could you forget the one who worships
the very ground you walk upon?
Well don’t you worry dearest of my heart –
I’ll never condemn you for your forgetfulness.

Do you remember the time I gifted you my soul
to lock it in the safety of your heart?
Or have you forgotten of its presence in your form –
I live in you forever as you live in my verses.

I’m growing old dearest of my heart
and the shadows are clouding around me
to encompass me in their filthy grasp.

Yet in the dark will I still see your face –
radiant and smiling like the day our eyes first met.

Money shall I donate on the dawn of my birthday
to commemorate the day of my damnation.

The home and friends of the family
bring me presents galore
but nothing can cheer up a lover
who has lost his soul to the stonehearted.

Will you remember the times I wished you on your birthday –
when I loaded you with gifts of gold and platinum?

I’m afraid dearest old lover
that you have forgotten all about me –
I was just a chapter in your life but
you are contained in the book of my life.

Happy Birthday to me with cakes, mints and caramel-
from friends, family, and students galore.

But where my lover is concerned –
he has forgotten me, he has forgotten my birthday.

Copyright © 2014 by Fiza Pathan

Image courtesy:

DSC_0128.JPGBy Angels

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  1. Hope the lover ..though has an inconsistent memory , would be passionate with his love.. :-)..Nice one Fiza..

  2. sakshinanda permalink

    Can see how the poetess is trying to celebrate but is torn with the sadness too. I liked this one a lot. Can sense the turmoil.

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