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#Poetry ‘After My Party’ by Fiza Pathan

March 21, 2014

After My Party

By Fiza Pathan


The Pineapple Cake


The party is over and all streamers lie on the floor.
The red heart-shaped balloons are still pinned to the walls
and the cake left untouched on the kitchen table.

I’m alone now after my birthday party –
the revelers have gone on by leaving me to think of you.

For I did think of you while everyone
drank their wine from paper cups –
the person who meant everything to me
had forgotten my birthday yet again.

I didn’t indulge in alcohol and so
throughout the party I remained sober.

I didn’t eat nor drink
for I was remembering the times gone by
when you loved me just like you loved
every drop of blood that entered into your heart.

You were not there at the party
when I cut the chocolate cake –
there was another one your favourite flavor, pineapple –
I did not allow a soul to touch it, as it was yours not theirs.

I carried my phone around with me all day
thinking that you would call me –
but not once did you think of me old lover …
you have forgotten me all over again.

I’ve been obsessive dear old lover
where you have been concerned –
but don’t hold that against me because
I love you dearly, more than my very soul.

Happy Birthday Greetings from my family
and friends made no difference to me –
I only looked out for you dear old lover
till the dawn broke upon my doorsteps.


Copyright © 2014 by Fiza Pathan

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