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#Poetry ‘Leave Me Alone’ by Fiza Pathan

March 21, 2014

Leave Me Alone

By Fiza Pathan

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Leave me alone

I can’t bear the sound of your thunder – it’s getting me down.
With all this confusion, the whirlpool of my ocean is turning around.

I can’t bear the noise in my mind of an erupting volcano –
the lava is your gift to me, which makes my fingers burn.

Stop pressurizing me with your questions about
our relationship that has broken into dust particles.

Stop questioning me about our love for it is no more –
keep away from the little children
who are the rainbow that cover my horizon –
keep your inquiries away from them, the innocent ones.

I’m screaming in silent contemplation,
leave me alone old lover and return to your grave.

I’ve got a life to lead and a mission to perform –
but the quicksand of the mire drowns me to hell
with beatings from a clenched fist – your fist old lover.

I hate your advances and the bellowing of
your promises of old is driving me wild –
there is a split in my existence,
I’m torn between old love and duty.

The thorns of the red and yellow roses
that you gave me have cut my hands of mercy –
take your flowers of torture away from me
and begone from my senses.

The hatred in me makes me sneer at the world –
I hold the skull of your carcass in my hands
and pour wine into it, to drink from it at witching hour.

I’ll do anything to get you away from my pleasant present –
stop your torment or I will scream and tear at your throat.

Copyright © 2014 by Fiza Pathan

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  1. Thats Wonderful.

  2. I love ‘I’m screaming in silent contemplation.’

  3. Well composed !

  4. ‘Stop pressurizing me with your questions about
    our relationship that has broken into dust particles’

    Truly a point of no return for any relationship…

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