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#Poetry ‘The Heavenly Doctor’ by Fiza Pathan

April 2, 2014

The Heavenly Doctor

By Fiza Pathan

The Heavenly Doctor

The Heavenly Doctor


My wounds are fresh reeking
with dried blood stains on every part of my body
but what Have I to fear for the Lord bandages my bruises.

The God most holy among physicians
washes the blood from my open wounds
and Doctors me with a fatherly care.

He understands why I had to inflict these cuts upon my flesh
He understands the true meaning of pain.

The Lord most gracious dabs the wounds on my chest with wet cotton
gently as if I was made of china – he applies balm to my throat cuts delicately.

Yet these exterior wounds so red and gaping are not as painful
as the one gnawing worm hole infested with maggots
that lies within the depths of my ruddy heart.

Bright red blood oozes out from my mouth along with worms so vile
that I feel like I’m in Hades – but the Lord of Hosts is not perturbed.

He washes my mouth and cleanses my broken lips
with his pierced hands so tender and fair
He narrates to me passages from the Koran, the Bible and the Kabbalah
to soothe the storms within me.

I have been bedridden for many days, drenched wet in my own blood
because of the gashes I myself have made upon myself.

The Lord understands the trauma that I have been through
and so He massages my contusions with an ointment that smells like blossoms.

You may dear reader think that I am defeated
but lo, the weak are made more stronger
who pass through the hands of the holiest of heavenly beings.

From my bruises I shall arise more cheerful
From my lesions I shall arise happier
For my Lord knows the truth of my lacerations
And I am in debt to no one where the slits in my poor body are concerned.


Copyright © 2014 by Fiza Pathan

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  1. Beautiful. . . thanks for sharing.

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