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#Poetry ‘Snake Beast’ by Fiza Pathan

April 10, 2014

Snake Beast

By Fiza Pathan


You have my venom running through your veins
and my fangs have turned a portion of your skin light blue.

For I’m the snake beast,
who has the body of a human,
and a head of a serpent.

My bite is deadly and my cunning knows no bounds
for I am evil incarnate a vision of ugliness.

Death by my hands is fatal as I congeal the blood
into a chilly mess of dried up liquid─
no one can trespass against me
for I am Lord and judge in one beastly form.

I hate humankind who has banished me from my lair.

My hands hold a dagger to cut my nemesis throat
and to carve out his heart from his fleshy body
which I will taste with precaution─
for a lot of evil lies in the soul of men
which I do not wish to devour.

I’m the snake beast of the night
and the twilight’s only foe
I am also the lover of blood.

Human blood nourishes me
to make me realize that I grow fearsome
with every drop that penetrates my cells.

I am the snake beast of the cruel bite
that can leave a human cold to the world─
my fangs are sharp and hurt
when they are pressed against humanity’s delicate skin.

You will never be able to run away from me
for more than enemy I am your lover.

I am invincible and a monster to the world─
my lips form an evil grin
when my victim lies at my feet.

I show no mercy,
for the universe
has not shown any mercy unto me.

Let the snake beast choke you my reader to death
for that is what my yearning heart wants to do─
blood is the life and flesh is its bread
to be dipped in red liquid to purify my rage.

Go on and run away from me
for I am evil incarnate
diabolical is my very nature unto humanity
who fashioned me into a thing of the night’s silent curse.


Copyright © 2014 by Fiza Pathan

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