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#Poetry ‘You Are My Very Own’ by Fiza Pathan

April 13, 2014

You Are My Very Own

By Fiza Pathan

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Sunset and Moonrise

Sunset and Moonrise

You are in the sketch of the stars
along the manuscript of the milky way my dear lover.

Your water coloured portrait stares back at me
to caress my gaze into the arms of your loving embrace.

You still my senses dear lover
and your handsome frame bestows upon my eye socket
gifts of tender graces that I am surely unworthy of.

Do you think of me dear loved one of my heart
as your day progresses into the zone of the nocturnal twilight?

Does your sweet smile echo
with the sound of my name in a chant like tone?

For me dearest of my soul you are the heaven
upon which the firmament bears its holy burden.

You are my only desire in this materialistic world
of temptations more sublime than an atmosphere
overflowing with the scent of jasmine flowers.

Your eyes so soft are my altar dear one
where I burn sacrifice after sacrifice like the loved besotted Abel
whose gaze was penetrated by the Lord of our destiny.

Come to me darling like a child so tender of years
relaxes in the arms of his mother.

I will tend to your worries and your dreams
just say but a word and I’ll be by your side
to console your bleeding heart.

Lover of my eternity
why do you not want to covet me?
Am I as base as bronze or lead,
that you stay away from me?

What is my crime dearest one
isn’t it plain to you that I love you dearly
more than I love my sanity?

I pace away along the corridors of my heart,
telling the red muscular walls to be patient,
as I wait for you to love me.

O noble prince and my panacea
slither no more like a serpent
in the blindness of my sight.

But with fangs pointed and sharp
bite my breast in the sight of every angel
so that I may know that you
are not an outsider but my very own.


Copyright © 2014 by Fiza Pathan

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One Comment
  1. “Come to me darling like a child so tender of years
    relaxes in the arms of his mother.”

    Are my favourite lines. You write so beautifully Fiza 🙂

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