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#Poetry ‘Voice Of The Silence’ by Fiza Pathan

April 15, 2014

Voice Of The Silence

By Fiza Pathan

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Mount Kailash

Mount Kailash

Silence is my loudest scream to the oceans beckoning
me to lament my lover’s transgression.

Woe to this hostile environment of noise and clamour
that strangles the throat of silence─
silence and solitude bring forth babes of holy orders
so that I shall leave this world and carry
my silence onward towards the land of the sages.

The Himalayas so handsome and broad chested
hide gems of people in its lonely snow clad abode.

Let me leave my past in the hands of these noble ones
who ponder the elementals to form a white lotus of peace
in the mind of a disturbed lover such as me.

I’m a poet not a saint and so I empathize with the elementals
and weep with them as they pour the fresh holy waters
of the Ganges upon my wearisome face.

The Mahatmas and the Adepts calm my soul
and call me by my true name, the name
of the most sinful and saddened poet.

They make a bed of straw for me to rest my weary head in peace
while they starve my body of its arrogance with injections
and needles galore to bring forth unholy blood from my entrails.

This is the land of the silent monk of the Buddha
and the Rishi of Shiva’s abode who brings me my silence
sprinkled with jasmine flowers and the scent of my old lover.

A way to the heavens the poet passes when the bad blood
in me is replaced with the voice of the silence─
how long shall I live in the voice of the silence
is immaterial for you dear readers.

However, in the darkest hour of the abode of the incorruptibles
a slender flame will leap from my breast made hollow by abstinence
which will dip my pen in bile and write forth my last poem to the heavens
to the Preserver who rests on the body of a hundred-headed serpent.


Copyright © 2014 by Fiza Pathan

Image courtesy: Google images; Wikipedia/Wikimedia




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  1. Fantastic piece of Work ..Ms. Pathan just mind-blowing.

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