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#Poetry ‘And Maybe Eternity’ by Fiza Pathan

April 16, 2014

And Maybe Eternity

By Fiza Pathan

The Milky Way

The Milky Way


It’s the everlasting bond of love
shared between the entrails of my red heart
that calls out to you to fasten
the blood red cords around my throat
to stop my living essence from asserting itself.

What is my life darling without
blood to drink and flesh to eat?
You have deserted me to the vultures
and they feast upon my liver
thinking me to be Prometheus.

But I’ve not stolen life from anyone,
I’ve merely lost mine in loving you
like a woman tortured by her own existence.

Now I’m out to get you dearest
for taking the light out of eyes,
but no violence leads me towards you
but the flowers red and yellow of our first meeting
that shall be etched in the astral light
as an image of amour forever more.

Non-violence of the Mahatma
do I offer to you my dearest─
the wounds so deep have been cooled
by the spring waters of passive resistance.

I love you dearest and I will tear my chest
before I hear you torment my poor innocent soul
for adoring your image in the chamber of my soul.

I want to give you more love dearest
than take away that which is rightfully mine.

I want to love your heart darling lover
and spread a bouquet of flowers at its altar
and dance before it like a harlot
that I have become for your sake.

Hear me O Gods, you make the weak more stronger─
not me but the bard of the English Hebrides says these words
and they have tested to be true.

So in my weakness I envelop myself in your hate for me
so that by my God given strength,
I may turn the hatred and lust within you
into a platonic love that will last a lifetime
──and maybe eternity.


Copyright © 2014 by Fiza Pathan

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