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#Poetry ‘Your Promises’ by Fiza Pathan

April 17, 2014

Your Promises

By Fiza Pathan


The pain in my chest gets more intense
whenever I recall the promises you did not keep
dear old lover of my long lost embrace.

You promised to protect me from the lewd glares of every conman
but now, I find myself facing these challenges alone
because my old lover has left me for my best friend.

You promised to keep my worries in the treasure house of your heart
and in exchange you would produce for me a pearl of rare value
but now, all those poetic expressions seem to have been spoken in vain
all because my old lover has deserted my offerings of peace.

You promised to dance the nights of our happiness together
with me below the twinkling stars of the nocturnal world
but now, the nights torment me with no sleep for my crying eyes
all because my darling old lover does not care for my state of being anymore.

You promised to exchange my shackles with wedding gold bracelets
which would glow the dawn of sunrise to shame because of its brightness
but now, my arms are empty and bare, all because my old lover
has taken my old best friend to be his wife.

You promised to lurk always in the arteries of my heart
so that I would never feel lonely even when my ruddy heart
would long for the companionship of your touch
but now, my heart bleeds staining my emotions
and my pillow weeps my tears dry because
you cheated me with false hopes my dearest old lover.

You promised to play your guitar to our first born making him
into musicians just like us with melody and ballads
mixing together forming the curd of true sweetness
but now, I am forever to remember barren because
my lover has torn my motherhood from my very soul
by marrying my old comrade.

You promised me many things dear lover
but fulfilled nothing.

Yet know dearest that one day
when your lover will abandon your side
and you will call out to the hounds of hell to kill you
──there will I be like Diana to save you from yourself
for my love cannot be ridden off,
even if you have forgotten your promises.


Copyright © 2014 by Fiza Pathan

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