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LOVE by Suman Simon

July 13, 2014


by Suman Simon


LOVE is a disease without a cure,

Love is the worst feeling ever;

Love does not even spare a beggar.

It’s like a Teddy with fangs,

NO legs, NO hands.

It thrills but kills at times,

Don’t play with it like limes.


Don’t ever like a guy

He may use you like a toy,

He may talk sweet things and give you rings.

After all, when he is done with you,

He will ignore you like an old smelly shoe.


It will depress you,

It will possess you,

And you will never be the same.

So my suggestion is, please don’t fall in

LOVE again!

Copyright 2014 Suman Simon


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  1. Dina Roberts permalink

    I like the line about a teddy with fangs.

  2. I liked the Dark Portrayal Of love-emotion, expression, it very difficult to portray contrast thoughts, job well-done. good wishes 🙂

    • Suman Simon permalink

      Thank you Ruhi!!! It is very encouraging to me that firstly people are reading it. Secondly they are taking the time to comment. Thank you all.

      • My best wishes for your writing journey & we all in some way or another way are on path to rediscover ourselves with this passion of writing which unites us in this great way 🙂

  3. Suman Simon permalink

    THANKS for the encouragement 🙂

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