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RIGOR MORTIS by Varun Jacob

July 14, 2014


by Varun Jacob



Don’t you feel it drawing closer?
The sound of your impending doom
Gods and Titans ignore your needs
Deaf ears and blind eyes to your soul

The smell of cadavers in the distance
Gods of men turn to ash
The blood that dies with pestilence
A man of pure heart is no more

Kings and Knights sit round the riches
A leviathan to sate their greed
The afterlife will soon start to crumble
The debts of sins will be paid

The stars in the sky fall south of heaven
Defiling the sacred ground of beasts
The living perish in wails of agony
Opium to the victims of death

A bloody trail to the fields of Elysium
The holy will be defiled
Pride will encompass the seraphs
Another master of men will rise

The saviour becomes the false prophet
The whore of Babylon in disguise
Upon the trail of blood ride the horsemen
Destroying every mortal in sight

All seen through the eyes of the Ouroboros
Infinity devouring itself
The snake swallows the sun at the end of the day
Leaving no light to be found

But the snake starts to writhe in pain
Infected by the putrid world
His body turns to ash
Leaving behind nothing, only a void.

Copyright 2014 Varun Jacob

Image courtesy: Wikipedia

  1. Suman Simon permalink

    Really well written Varun!! I loved it.

    • Varun Jacob permalink

      Thanks!! Really liked your poem too 😀

  2. vinid shah permalink

    Very mature….naturally from a well read person..keep it up..

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