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Patriotism by Vaibhavi G Raut

July 16, 2014



by Vaibhavi G Raut


Time passed by,
Every day was just fine,
But today is special,
Because it is the sixty-fifth anniversary of our Independence.
Our ancestors burnt their sweat and blood,
Heart and soul all one,
United we stood sixty-five years ago,
With the feeling of Patriotism.

Many men, women and children,
Sacrificed themselves,
To give us a bright future,
A life without remorse, misery or pain.
Let us all remember those Heroes,
From the Father of our nation to the Nightingale of our country,
Who had Patriotism flowing in their veins.
Don’t let their efforts and pain,
Go in vain. 

Defend those Patriotic people from the Oblivion’s Curse,
Engrave them in our minds and thoughts, remembered,
At every moment, better or worse.
Taking inspirations from those who never gave up,
till the end,
With all our love and respect,
Celebrate this day.
Let the fire burn and,
Burst of cry be heard,
And the heart pounding so hard,
Still be felt, of those who lay asleep,
Even today, full of Patriotism,
Which will never fade away!
Jai Hind!

Copyright 2014Vaibhavi G. Raut


  1. Renard Moreau permalink

    [ Smiles ] A rather interesting piece.

  2. niharika permalink

    Very well written poem. Truly touching!!!!!

  3. Shruti permalink

    truly beautiful…

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