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The Transporter Of Galaxies by Sushanth Kamath

July 18, 2014

The Transporter Of Galaxies

– Sushanth Kamath 


It took me a while to realise where I was as the haze in front of my eyes slowly cleared. A throbbing pain on my forehead instantly brought back the memory of what had happened that evening. A stream of light filtered through the dark passage where, by now, I had gathered the strength to get up.  Last known, I had faltered from the picnic group of the school visiting the Asian Science museum into this   passage curiously painted in red as “Confidential – No Entry”. I remembered banging my head onto something and collapsing in great pain.

I rummaged through my backpack, found the water bottle and poured some into my mouth. Feeling little better I picked up the torch,(“everyone should bring along a torch”) Mr. Dey our science teacher had thundered-how nice of him) and switched the beam on. There it was──the passage had an abrupt ending with a door that had two wooden logs piercing out at the middle. I seemingly had banged onto one of them. I wondered, how my group left the place without me, blast them!

Munching some biscuits from the backpack, I gathered myself and looked at the strange door. Just then providentially enough, I had seen this only in movies before, my foot tripped on something and voilà, the door opened sideways. Behind this, in the light of the torch beam, shone a large box with some strange inscriptions on it. I could not decipher anything written. The box also looked made out of a different material- seemingly changing colour right before my eyes.

Somehow I was feeling a sense of immense peace and calm standing before the box. (I now wonder being alone and in a strange situation like this, why I was not afraid. The box seemed magical, soothing my nerves in a strange way).

I noticed the box had a heavy lid. Curiosity getting the better of me, gathering all my strength I lifted the heavy lid, and was stunned by what I saw.

There was no need for my torch. A bright glow of light emerged from the box. I saw inside it, a large cube as if made out of transparent glass from which this light was emanating. I had to hold my breath──and this will forever remain etched in my memory- I beheld the most celestial view I had ever seen.

It was as if I were looking at the NASA picture of a universe from a distance. The cube seemed to contain hundreds of galaxies- stars and planets suspended without any support, as if someone had compressed the whole of the sky into a cube. Curious, I reached my hand towards the cube.

“I wouldn’t be doing this if I were you,” I heard a strange sounding voice-as if someone is speaking with an effort. Startled, I looked around and found, to my surprise only a flicker of a shape-bluish gaseous ever changing like a smoke, gathering near my very eyes. “Don’t be afraid my child,” it said.

I was again getting this feeling of peace and calm. “What you see is right my child- it is sort of a universe as you call it. It is in a state of high compression,” the voice said. I was amazed. It was reading my mind. “Who are you?” I asked.

“You are a curious boy aren’t you?” said the voice. It continued, “to put this simply, like your place what you call earth which belongs to what you call Milky Way galaxy, the cube contains several such galaxies.”

“But it looks so small, how can it have galaxies?” I protested. There was a chuckle. “Small or big is your relative concept. Imagine you are an ant or a termite living in a large colony. For you, the world is where you live in-everything other than that is “outside” and anything you can not reach is “large or far”. Now imagine if you were to stand somewhere outside milky way and──you had some powers to pick up milky way and put it in a box, For you it is just a box which happens to contain an object called milky way, with all its thousands of stars, planets that includes your earth and all your life forms. You interpret──the universe from the limited perspective of what you know, or what you think you know. In my opinion you know nothing.”

It sounded an unbelievable story to me. I repeated──“Who are you?”

“Never mind──in your language you may call me god. As for me, I am only a transporter of galaxies as you call them. We are all part of a larger project of a shape and size and purpose, which is too premature for you to know. I’d thought this corner was safe from any of your people. But you happened to come by and were lucky enough to venture into here. I have no worry about your intrusion as your people to whom you may reveal this tomorrow will never believe you. Anyway, I am here only for a while waiting for my refuel supplies, and should be gone in a short while.”

The image flickered. As if ordered by the image I slowly closed the lid, but it fell with a forced bang almost crushing my finger with a pain that shot up through my nerves. I remember slumping to the ground.

I woke up in a hospital. I was told the school informed the police that I was missing from the group and later they picked me up from the passage and admitted me to a   hospital in an unconscious state. The memories of the previous night came rushing to my mind. Was it a dream? The pain in my fingers reminded me it was not.

I have not revealed this to anyone. As the figure had said no one is likely to believe me. Because what we know is all that we want to believe.

Copyright 2014 Sushanth Kamath

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  1. Renard Moreau permalink

    [ Smiles ] Highly philosophical.

    • Sushanth Kamath permalink

      Well,I wasn’t really being philosophical..but it turned out to be one in the end. 😀

  2. Very good Fix a 😀

  3. Sorry, autocorrect messed that up, it should read:
    Very good Fiza 😀

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