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War and Peace by Varun Jacob

July 20, 2014

War and Peace

By Varun Jacob


War, ravaging our world, destroying the Earth,

Martyrs created, Children enslaved,

Religion, money, oil, greed,

Petty things given importance by our feeble minds.

Governments spreading their own propaganda,

Privately funding their own agenda.

Battles fought out in the open, lives taken for granted,

Some are fought silently,

The true cost of them, never to be known.

Peace, an eternal goal of human existence,

A struggle that fails many a times.

We think of peace in our own lives,

While we fund the corporate democracies,

Desecrating millions, taking us closer to oblivion.

While the nations implode,

Leaving behind the ruins of the forgotten race,

The remnants suffer, contaminated by the fatal nuclear weapons,

Weapons that kill both sides in a single blow.

Most pray for a saviour to float down from the sky,

Others have lost hope and faith,

While the children cry, orphaned by this horrendous plague,

The others enjoy the comforts and benefits reaped from the War,

Before the ballad ends, remember this my friends,

You reap what you sow,

The benefactors today will be the victims tomorrow,

Those who were so feeble and broken,

Will without doubt rise in rebellion.

Only in the arms of death, will we find sweet caress,

For that is the only salvation on this path.

Copyright 2014 Varun Jacob

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