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‘Fortune Favours The Bold’ by Aditi Kabra

July 21, 2014

Fortune Favours The Bold

By Aditi Kabra


It was getting hot. Even for Hydrogen atoms H1 and H2, being on the star’s surface could be trying. At 6000K H1 and H2 did not like their super-heated life at all, and wished to cool down and unwind.

One day, while making one of their daily rounds of the star’s gaseous outer layer, H1 and H2 discovered a current on the star’s surface that would lead to the inner, hitherto unexplored regions of the star. H1 and H2 could ride on the current, and boldly go to the lands inside the star in hope of better conditions. However, timid H2 was afraid. What if the inside was even worse than the outside?  Bold and adventurous H1, on the other hand, decided to take a leap of faith. H1 took the solar current and went into the nether layers of the star, while H2 remained on the surface of the star, sighing and contemplating over whether it had made the right choice.

Inside the star, it became progressively hotter. H1 kept being drawn further in. Finally under the intense pressure and heat, it succumbed, and combined with another hydrogen atom, to become helium, releasing a huge amount of energy through the nuclear fission that powers the sun.

Being helium was much better than H1 had imagined. You were inert, heavier than the rest, sort of aloof, above and superior. Happy to be helium, H1 boldly rose to the challenge as he was drawn further into the star’s core.

The pressure had become even more intense. The temperature was 1,45,00,000 K. Exotic new elements were being formed left right and centre. Awestruck, H1 witnessed this all, and with the joy of having reached the next level, fused to carbon.

H1 kept improving itself. It had just acquired the venerable status of iron – the magnetic heavy metal – when the star’s fuel got over; gravity could no longer be resisted. As the star died, shells of it started peeling off.

Alas! H2, who had run away from risk and chosen to stay on the surface, could never transcend the state of hydrogen, and floated off as interplanetary matter. For H1, however, courage paid stellar dividends, for at last when the star died, it did not float around in space, forgotten by the world. Rather, atoms and molecules clung to it, due to its greater weight. It became the founder of a new planet, a new world, the base of life. It became the very centre of Earth’s iron core.

Copyright 2014 Aditi Kabra

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  1. So very clever and very enjoyable.

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