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A Teenager’s Report Card of India by Atal Narayan

July 24, 2014

A Teenager’s Report Card of India

crime stats

Early Monday morning, around 7 am, bright sunlight hits your eyes and you somehow pull yourself together. Groaning and stretching you somehow get yourself physically ready for the day and mentally ready for the rest of the hectic week.

The entire house’s a mess. You are still trying to recover from the weekend jig. In between the morning rush, your eyes fall on the day’s paper. In big bold letter, you read the headlines,
“A skating instructor held in the rape of a six-year-old child.”

This line, literally, got me brooding for many hours. This ancient land known for its culture and heritage, its respect for women and girls has produced such demons. Biggest irony isn’t it? India is called the Mother Land.

Every single day 365 days of the year, something or the other does pops up in the paper──Crimes, Thefts, Rapes, and Murders. Sorry for interrupting your read but if you noticed all the above words are plural.

Face it. It’s a big country with a population close to 1.5 billion. About 6371 such crimes are reported in this country every day (2011 figures) ──yeah, 6371. About 3 times this number may be going unreported because they are threatened or are hidden. And those which you get to read in The Times of India, are the ones which reach the eyes and ears of the media.
TOTAL COGNIZABLE CRIMES UNDER IPC BETWEEN 2006-2010 WAS 2061504 AND IN A SINGLE YEAR 2011 IT JUMPED TO 2325575 Shocking isn’t it and this is the 2011 figure, what about 2014?
Source: National Crime Records Bureau

What is going on in the country! An absolute ridiculous jurisdiction has resulted in our country being backward in almost every field. We had an unqualified government, which resulted in the country going down the drains.

But this is it. Enough Is Enough. We cannot let this go on the way it has been going on for the past few decades!

In 1947, we were promised a democracy which would make the country reach the top of the food chain. 67 years down the line? We are still on square one.

Politicians were human representatives who were chosen to lead the country to new heights. Well that seems like a joke now doesn’t it?

Feel bad? Do you feel as if you have a rusty knife in your gut? That’s exactly how I feel.

Not too old. Actually not even old enough to vote. But I doubt there is an age limit to raise your voice against the weak hold of the jurisdiction of the country.

Today’s youth has the ability to change anything. We are not afraid of taking risks in life.Given the title as “casual chaps” “cool heads” and “chilled out”, we showed the government that if things start going out of hand we have the power to change. (And, boy, didn’t we prove it that too with a clean sweep!)

So we proved the adults’ wrong who criticized us and always called us immature. This is it my friends.

India will arise, again.

It will be the Golden land, again.


One Comment
  1. I sincerely hope so then maybe India can show the rest of the world how it’s done. But keep to Gandhi’s peaceful ways please that the West has forgotten.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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